The best ever..?

If my best everis voted for today,would I try everto better myself? Would I regret,tomorrows forget,and live as I am,a so-called best? Tonight, I seekan answer to me;Is the best ever,really for forever,or can I do better? Written for a variety of themes: 1. Poetic Asides, Day 20 – “The Best Ever” poem.2. Sunday Scribbling … Read more The best ever..?

food for thought – is time cyclic?

You have a dream (or have had one at least while growing up). You work for it. You enjoy the journey too, and reach the dream (or almost). First time, you fail. It isn’t your fault. Some things went against you. You are still devastated (it’s normal; it was after all YOUR dream; who if … Read more food for thought – is time cyclic?

Distant Warmth? {Haiku}

Winter here is sometimes too cold. People fall sick, myself included, and more often than not, the season ends up filled with groans and complaints about how chilled it is. Sweaters can provide only so much warmth sometimes. But if you really look for it, warmth can be found just about anywhere I think. I … Read more Distant Warmth? {Haiku}