Insomniac’s Meadow

how beautiful is this meadow, asleep in the arms of a breeze, the moonlight singing a berceuse only my ears strain to hear; ah, this insomniac wonders — could I sleep and miss these joys? Seven days, seven posts, that’s what the Write Tribe Festival of Words is about. Oh, and the theme is “Seven” … Read moreInsomniac’s Meadow

The Raconteur and Summer Shackles

THE RACONTEUR (Haiku) In resonant voice Narrates his tales with gusto Village raconteur SUMMER SHACKLES (Sijo) Winter mist chilled mind’s wine for a minute, then eloped with the sun. If it would return forever to soothe, it sure would be helpful; To break these shackles that torrid summer has gifted me this year. FORMS INVOLVED: … Read moreThe Raconteur and Summer Shackles