Come out please …

silver mirror in my black ceiling, why are you blank? each time I saw, my soul in you, when my heart sank. in your full smile, I found a hope, I battled my fear; tonight I need, that guiding light, please come, dear. cast away the veil, of satin clouds come hold my hand; for … Read moreCome out please …

Evening prayers..

friction on the matchbox.. she strikes a match, lights a lamp as she prays; invoking the Almighty to bless with happy days, lead us to brighter ways; give us strength to cope, in bad luck, show us hope. a match, a prayer, a light, burns within, a will to fight. Linked with Poetic Asides (Day … Read moreEvening prayers..

To infinity, and beyond..

Infinite: yes, the possibilities seem to be, after this month of satisfying poetry; I never felt a hesitation, not once, each poem, I wrote, and I had fun. I met a kind Dragon, befriended her, I once again rallied with a Jordan, I found energy, this thirst to write; I searched deep, for a little … Read moreTo infinity, and beyond..

A big loss..?

I wonder at times, when I’ll stop mourning, if I will stop it at all; I wonder at times, if I stay in your memories, if that is my downfall. I know I must let go, I’ve told myself for long, to do it, stay strong; but it is so hard, to forget few things … Read moreA big loss..?