February NaHaiWriMo Days 21 to 25

turquoise ring … the artist mixes green and blue Day #21, NaHaiWriMo February, Turquoise. living room … a ghost hurries past the wind chime Day #22, NaHaiWriMo February, Living Room. pillow talk – the local news goes live Day #23, NaHaiWriMo February, Bedroom. my worries floating away … soap bubbles Day #24, NaHaiWriMo February, Bathroom. … Read more February NaHaiWriMo Days 21 to 25

A big loss..?

I wonder at times, when I’ll stop mourning, if I will stop it at all; I wonder at times, if I stay in your memories, if that is my downfall. I know I must let go, I’ve told myself for long, to do it, stay strong; but it is so hard, to forget few things … Read more A big loss..?