Just the same… Always.

Fiction story for Blog-a-Ton 50 – theme: “Soulmates”.
The ceiling was high enough for Mariakutty, all of five feet, to stand without worrying of hitting her head. She stood, tied the pallu of her old kasavu saree so it won’t come in her way, and taking a broom, began to dust the room. It smelled musty. She made a mental note to tell Peter, her son, when he came home for Christmas from Bangalore, where he studied. Had the rainwater started to seep in again?

Those Perfect Memories!

I love to travel. There is nothing more exhilarating or inspiring than to see new sights, new places, new people. It just fits, you know! I have many memories that involve trips, and these memories are priceless to me. I remember one time when me and seven other friends hopped in a Sumo, bunked college … Read more