Secrets from afar… #WednesdayVerses

All they sawWas an old house,Not many thoughtIt felt like home. As I looked onFrom afar now,Inside they stoodDrenched in love. Sharing secretsAnd stories made up;Of magic carpets,And talking teacups. Of flying rickshaws,Like daddy owns;Playing hopscotch,With old gemstones. With each story,The laughter grew,And as I watched,My hopes renewed. Asked they to me,When I went inside,Of … Read more Secrets from afar… #WednesdayVerses

Weekly Gratitude 2019 (3/52)

Three weeks have gone by, and fairly quickly at that. I’m quite liking this idea of looking back each week and feeling happy and grateful for that happiness. It seems to lift a weight off my shoulders, a weight I didn’t realize I had. There seems to be some changes afoot at the office. I’m … Read more Weekly Gratitude 2019 (3/52)