Friendship – Another Attempt…

Flying way uP, Raced once did I, Into clouds higH Entering dangerS, No escape seemeD Destined; in crimsoN Sunset, sky was ablazE, Hard to breathe, I Indeed did surrendeR, Plunging down alooF. Falling without a stoP, Rain pouring down, I Indeed repented with sigH Ever entering those cloudS. Nearing death, I noticeD Divine beauty, holding … Read more Friendship – Another Attempt…


Fear in my heart; Retreating slowly Into my shell, as the Epoch arrived. New challenges. Darkness engulfing Suddenly; not a Hand I had to lead me Into this new world. Perceptions becoming Faintly true, as I Remained lost here In unfamiliar territory. Elapsed a moment, Noticed I a candle; Destiny showed me light, Sent you … Read more Friendship


Never forgotten memories Of times of yore, when Stars you aimed to touch Tranquil mind reminds Always of those moments Life had given you to cherish Gone are those days In life, when you laughed Always without a worry Nestled deep in heart Only for you to reminisce Sending waves of pleasure Tears of joy … Read more Nostalgia


Chivalry is a virtue Omnipresent, in every one Unseen goes the braveness Reason becomes blind Always when a loved one Gives your heart so much love Even when you are tearing theirs Prompted @ Acrostic Only