Died a life when Instead of compromise Vied two for power Only they did forget Really lost was an angel Childhood marred by their Every word of venom   Inspired by Acrostic Only Image Courtesy


—!~Take 1~!— Captured Once Never Free Intrigue Nestles Elusive Measures Evade Now Tragically —!~Take 2~!— Chained mind Only reminisces Now the silence Far is the future Inviting me now is Nostalgia as Ever near are Memories that Entrance me Now and forever Trapped I am within me Inspired by Acrostic Only Image Credit Judges for … Read more Confinement


Once the dark Past, that does Pull you back Only, is forgotten; Rise again now, To try harder and Usurp the throne; Never give up; In your grasp, is The dream you saw. Yet the chance is yours…   Prompted @ Acrostic Only Image Credits