I Trust Him

Cast aside your ego Let go of your past Do not despair my friend Your options are indeed vast Throw away your fears Let your weaknesses disappear Go challenge the world And your success shall be near Try to be yourself That is who you are best Change only your evil side Trust God to … Read more I Trust Him

Family Ties

The light coming through the windowTouched my eyes as i opened themI saw the first glimpse of my life.Saw a room full of facesSmiling, looking down at meI returned their smiles with one of mine. They were people to me yet unknownBut the affection was their on their facesAs tears came to a lady who … Read more Family Ties

About Me

Me? Cast your minds upon my work And not upon me, What I write is even to me unknown I just write what my heart tells me. I am the poet amateur Wandering on paths unknown, In the infinite lanes of my mind Where I always walk alone.