Those Perfect Memories!

I love to travel. There is nothing more exhilarating or inspiring than to see new sights, new places, new people. It just fits, you know! I have many memories that involve trips, and these memories are priceless to me. I remember one time when me and seven other friends hopped in a Sumo, bunked college … Read moreThose Perfect Memories!

The Letter

“Did you go to the post office yet, Jaya? Has any letter come from your Appa?” Jayakrishnan looks at his mother sadly. “No Amma. I forgot. I just came back from my match now.” “Hurry then. You know today is Saturday, and they close at noon. It is your responsibility to check for his letters.” … Read moreThe Letter

Those little moments!

I chose her name. I know I was five minutes late, and some other relative told the same name before me, but I was excited, and ran up four flights of stairs to the room and shouted it aloud. I think she even smiled. I took her to her very first class. I remember a … Read moreThose little moments!