An Intro…

well…let me start folks… this is my second blog…after “wandering images..whispering words..”…ever since i started that blog i have had this urge to blog more and more… “wandering images..whispering words..” is a blog of my poems… here i just intend to pen down some random thoughts that just play with me when i am travelling … Read more

My Sibling!

i am so happy that i have so many cousins who like me a lot…and one special cousin sister who likes me…!! it dawned on me some time back how lucky i am to have her in my life…so i thought i’d share that thoughts here… we have been a joint family always so we … Read more

Memories Haunting Me

what is so eerie about an imminent examination that gives you the jitters i just do not understand, it is like the first time you visit the dentist. that sensation is one nobody tends to forget in a hurry. it has been six months since i last experienced that sensation but yet it seems like … Read more