Religion is something that means nothing great to me. Don’t mistake me, I believe in God, but not as belonging to one particular religion. I am not against any person who believes in a religion but I’m very much against someone going against a religion. A few days back, I had gone to meet a … Read more

25 Point Me…

I’m not getting inspired to imagine the next part of the “Those Golden Days” series. So while my mind is in a block, I’m doing a tag to relieve the pressure. I don’t remember who and all have tagged me for doing this…! 😀25 Point ME!!~1. I am dual minded. The poetry and other creative … Read more

Living For Our Dream

A story I have written for the Ascension short story contest at Clarity of Night. It was inspired by this picture. We were a family, always together. Just the three of us, in the small single bedroom apartment I rented. I worked in a software company that didn’t pay much, but had managed to save … Read more

A Shock for CAT…(The Dream Part 4)

She was speechless. Her world had fallen apart in front of her eyes. Her dad shot to death and she could not do anything about it. Leaning down upon his fallen body, she kissed him on both cheeks and whispered into his ear, “Goodbye Dad, I love you too.” She got up and wiping her … Read more

A Confrontation (The Dream…Part 3)

A tear fell upon that photograph. It was someone she dearly loved. She looked at it again, hoping that her eyes were playing tricks on her. The picture had not changed. “No, it can’t be him. Dad wouldn’t do such a thing.” She had spoken aloud, but nobody heard her as she sat in her … Read more

Her.. (The Dream…Part 2)

She stretched out and stood up, went to the mirror and started to comb her hair… this somehow always seemed to calm her nerves… but her mind kept drifting back to that dream. Picking up her cell from her bag, she saw she had just one message… from her boyfriend. It read, “Darling CAT, dinner … Read more