The Dream…

She was lost again. She never did have a sense of direction and it held true again now. Her heart began to pound mercilessly…usually someone was always there to help her out but not today. Her travels today had brought her to the beachside. Not a building was there for many a mile. She started … Read more


treasured moments are those which i spend with my friends. they alone know me better than i do and sometimes i feel even my family does. it is probably i guess true in most cases for them too… because they encounter the same obstacles as i do in my life and they can understand the … Read more

Sour Dose Of Reality

i was a regular viewer of a reality show X which looks to find new talent in the field of music. its success in the previous season had made it even more popular this season but frankly speaking, after seeing this season… i have made up my mind that i will not see a reality … Read more

A Toast..To the Devil…

well i happen to know this guy…descendant of Einstein i think…very brainy chap…he happened to ask me a very interesting question a couple of days back…he said & i quote.. “hey vinu,is the devil a good person or a bad person? ” that question was put to me in the midst of my preparations for … Read more

An Intro…

well…let me start folks… this is my second blog…after “wandering images..whispering words..”…ever since i started that blog i have had this urge to blog more and more… “wandering images..whispering words..” is a blog of my poems… here i just intend to pen down some random thoughts that just play with me when i am travelling … Read more

My Sibling!

i am so happy that i have so many cousins who like me a lot…and one special cousin sister who likes me…!! it dawned on me some time back how lucky i am to have her in my life…so i thought i’d share that thoughts here… we have been a joint family always so we … Read more