The Voice..

A voice whispers in my earClose your eyes dearTrust my words have no fearI can make your desires near Look around you, what do you see?Everywhere around you, there is meLook through your heart, just be freeLet your thoughts wander, leave it be I am the wind that spurs you onThat carries your thoughts to … Read moreThe Voice..


O Lord, please, just listen to this prayer I ask not for valuables or richesI only want more of what I have gotThings that to me is pricelessThat which many before have sought O Lord, please, just listen to this prayer I want more of the love that my loved ones giveTo give them in … Read morePrayer..


treasured moments are those which i spend with my friends. they alone know me better than i do and sometimes i feel even my family does. it is probably i guess true in most cases for them too… because they encounter the same obstacles as i do in my life and they can understand the … Read moreFriendship