Oh What A Day!

oh what a day, what a day was today, not a moment did i have peace, only the time to pray. till the moment, i came to know my fate, there was just no stopping, my quickened heart-beat rate. would it be easy? would it be what i want? i wish there were no such … Read more

Memories Haunting Me

what is so eerie about an imminent examination that gives you the jitters i just do not understand, it is like the first time you visit the dentist. that sensation is one nobody tends to forget in a hurry. it has been six months since i last experienced that sensation but yet it seems like … Read more

For A Change

“your value lies not in what you do or what others think about you but who you are” well friends i’d like to switch over to a style i have virtually no experience doin’ but what is life without a few changes now & then eh?? “change is always there in everyone’s life,learn to challenge … Read more


losing my way in the maze of life i do not know which side to go left or right,forward or back why is it life confuses me so?? i do not know if i am right or wrong i have no time to think all this pressure that is on me decisions to make before … Read more


Friend, if your heart is shattered, Like glass that is broken so much, I shall find every one little piece, And join them like olden such. I know it may not be the same, But I’ll nurse that heart to health, Make sure it gets, a rain of smiles, Shower laughs and loving wealth. If … Read more