treasured moments are those which i spend with my friends. they alone know me better than i do and sometimes i feel even my family does. it is probably i guess true in most cases for them too… because they encounter the same obstacles as i do in my life and they can understand the … Read moreFriendship

The Coin..

Twenty years ago to this day I came onto this world anew Shining brightly, looking proud I was the best of the new few I first was owned by the richest bank That was there in that big city A few days later I was given away To a lady who then gave me to … Read moreThe Coin..

I Trust Him

Cast aside your ego Let go of your past Do not despair my friend Your options are indeed vast Throw away your fears Let your weaknesses disappear Go challenge the world And your success shall be near Try to be yourself That is who you are best Change only your evil side Trust God to … Read moreI Trust Him

The Hidden Heart

In this world so radiant with joy Every one has something to hide Some horrid truth they conceal within Close to their heart so like a sin Not even in their closest friends to confide They tell not this to the world aloud Yet that silence itself speaks to we That secret burns within them … Read moreThe Hidden Heart