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The old grandfather clock strikes midnight. Outside my window, the world is silent. Apart from a stray’s stray bark once in a while, not a soul stirs. My ears strain to hear the hoot of the owl from its perch on the mango tree, or the honk of a car as it speeds past my gate. From the next room, the gentle snores of my father echo through the house. I envy him, envy my neighbours who sleep soundly, unaware of the silence.

My room is dark, but for the soft glow of my laptop screen. A blank document stares back at me. It has been so since a few days. I wonder if it mocks me, goading me to empty thought after thought onto it with the tap-tap-tap of the keys. I want to. I’m desperate to, but yet I don’t want to. I cannot. They’ve been pushed into the depths by voices that whisper they are worthless. Only I know how much they mean, and yet there seems to be a need for acceptance. I don’t know when that came, how that came, why I’m unable to shake it off.

Every night, the battle continues. Words against emptiness. The noise inside my head, the silence outside my window. No witnesses.

No one …

… except me.

I’m taking part in the #WordsMatter blog hop. I’m happy to be participating, along with Nikita Dudani, Anami and 44 others. Please do check out these two wonderful bloggers and their posts as well! You can follow #WordsMatter on social media to find more interpretations on the theme “Outside My Window”.

Vinay Leo R.
04. 08. 2019

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

42 thoughts on “Outside my Window #WordsMatter”

  1. I hereby command that voice in whomsoever’s head to simply “shut up”! You know V, with just a few words, this post brought alive the entire night time scene. Words have power and they are just waiting to pour out stories if given the slightest chance.
    (Kala Ravi recently posted… The Seat by the Window)My Profile

  2. Hi Vinay. Very nicely written. Sometimes silence of the night takes us into a world of dilemma and untold challenges. I particularly like the choice of your words, you have said so many things in just 2 little paragraphs.
    (Anjana recently posted… Rosy Smiles!)My Profile

  3. ” A stray’s stray bark….” these words indicate that inside there is much more than voices – a capability to pen down thoughts in the best of ways. Dont look at the silence outside, but focus on the noise inside, the document would soon find words -line after line :))
    (Ramya Abhinand recently posted… The Bicycle Next To The Car)My Profile

  4. It is moment’s like these when you should participate in blog hops or any such as it will push you to write. I have hardly written anything but we should write and as per the quote, ‘You cannot improve a blank paper’..

  5. Wow, that was a wonderful read.
    It so happens at night when we are with our musings, blankness, loneliness yet so many thoughts inside the mind ready to come out but they don’t get the proper rhymes to fall back on that blank screen and no one only we know about it.

  6. That’s what I have been doing since yesterday–staring at the screen, my mind blank, and then out of frustration, just wasting time on facebook or Instagram. Some days, the mind has such moodswings, it gets difficult to get a thing done!

  7. Your post inspired Corinne to write about ‘Writer’s block’ for #writingwednesday. I loved the description of the night and I know the helpless feeling when you want to write but nothing comes out. Good to visit your blog after ages.

  8. Please accept my apology for not being able to visit your post earlier.
    Words do matter, whether spoken inside the head or conveyed by the silence of the world outside. What matters all the more is that whether they see the light of the day or slide gently to the lost corners of memory, an inch every day.
    I hope this come back piece will make the words that matter to you see the light of the day, every time they mark their presence in your mind and for us an opportunity to peep through that window of thought!
    (Anagha Yatin recently posted… Face of Crowd #WordsMatter)My Profile

    • It didn’t break the block immediately, Anagha. But I guess sometimes it’s like that 🙂 I’m happy with what I wrote though, and waiting for next Words Matter to see if some other window of thought is triggered!


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