Reading Challenge(s) in 2018

This is the third post in the last seven days that has something to do with books and reading. I suppose that counts as proof that I love that world. The only book challenge that I’ve completed properly is perhaps the Goodreads Reading Challenge. In addition to that, I thought of taking up a couple of other reading challenges too.

Erin’s Book Challenge 8.0

erin challenge

I chanced upon this reading challenge in Sanch’s post, and it felt interesting and quite doable. Ten books in four months, one under each of the categories. There’s a Facebook group for the challenge too. I’ve chosen books that will fit the bill, so hopefully, I can get this done.

  1. Freebie (i.e. any book with 200+ pages) (5 points)
    • Drop Shot, by Harlan Coben
  2. Book that starts with the letter L (10 points)
    • (The) Language of Flowers, by Vanessa Diffenbaugh
  3. Book with a (mostly) Red cover (10 points)
    • Magpie Murders, by Anthony Horowitz

  4. Book with the name of a character in the title (15 points)
    • A Man Called Ove, by Fredrik Backman

  5. Book from Book Riot’s 100 Must-Read Books With Plot Twists (20 points)
    • The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon
  6. Book with Home or House in the title (20 points)
    • Crooked House, by Agatha Christie

  7. Book with an author whose first and last names begin with the same letter (25 points)
    • Karna’s Wife, by Kavita KanΓ©

  8. Book originally in a different language (30 points)
    • One Part Woman, by Perumal Murugan

  9. Book where most of the action takes place on transportation (30 points)
    • Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie
  10. Book where the character has a debilitating physical illness (35 points)
    • Still Alice, by Lisa Genova

PopSugar Reading Challenge 2018

popsugar challenge

PopSugar gives 40+12 Reading Categories to challenge the bookworm each year. I’ve not tried any year before, but will give it a shot this time. I don’t know if I will complete the challenge, because the categories this year are a bit tricky, but I will definitely attempt to do it! You can check the categories on their website, and see if you want to try too. It’s too big to make a list for, but I think I’ll be able to combine books across reading challenges, so that’s good. I know I will be able to read a book from at least a few of the categories mentioned.

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018

The Goodreads Reading Challenge 2018 is quite simple. I’ve to target a certain number of books I aim to read this year. And see if I can reach that mark, or even shoot past it. Last year (or rather this year 2017), I put my reading target as 50, and did get to that mark. So for 2018 too, I will keep that. If I manage to read more, well and good. But 50 is what I hope to finish.

Here’s hoping 2018 goes well with regards to reading, and maybe this time next year, I can do a recap of the books read, like I did for 2017.

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27th December, 2017)


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14 thoughts on “Reading Challenge(s) in 2018”

  1. Vinay, Bhima is not a great translation. We miss the essence of the original. Try something else like One Part Woman by Perumal Murugan (in case you haven’t read).

  2. Great list…I don’t think I’ve read most of it but look forward to your reviews. Shilpa mentioned the Popsugar challenge and I was intrigued and considered it but given all the challenges I am doing plus needing to read a book a month for bookclub, I figured I’d let it go. And I’m super impressed with all of you who have goals of reading 50 books a year and comfortably achieve it. I think I need to stop watching Netflix! πŸ˜›
    (Sanch @ Sanch Writes recently posted… Stereotypes)My Profile

    • I hope to review them on time too, Babby. They are definitely interesting, and been on my TBR for a while.

      First time I’m even considering attempting the Popsugar challenge, but I’m hopeful to get at least 20 done from there. πŸ˜› Let’s see what transpires in the end!

  3. This is tempting, but considering I have never finished any challenge I was a part of in the last two years (Including The Goodreads one) I am seriously debating if I should plunge into this. Hmm.. Choices Choices What do I do?
    (Jaibala Rao recently posted… #SimplifyIn2018)My Profile

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