A Letter to You

I am participating in the 6th Write Tribe Festival of Words. I hope to blog for seven days in a row. The theme for Day 5 is “Write a letter.”

A Letter to You

letter typewriter

Dear you,

One of my friends suggested I write. He believes that writing can be cathartic. I don’t know if it can be, but I am trying. I have held on to your memory since the time you left. And I don’t know how long it will be till I can let go completely.

I wish you hadn’t left so soon. We had so much time together, but I wanted to make more memories. I wanted to take a photo where you had your toothy grin, and your eyes twinkled with mischief. You may not have known it, but it lit up the world around you. I wanted to hear your voice, how easily it could ease my fears. You made me listen, and I calmed down enough to listen to my own voice. I wanted to hold your hand, wondering if I could ease your worries.

I wanted you to read what I wrote. You had always pushed me to write better. I wanted to walk with you, talking about those days that made us smile. I wanted to talk about the books I had read, the words that had made me speechless. You were one who could understand that part of me. One of the very few who could. I wanted to tell you how easily your temper flared, and how I wished you hadn’t become silent when you didn’t get your way.

Most of all, I wanted to tell you once again that you mattered to me.

Many have asked me why I chose to write this letter on an old typewriter. Maybe it is the sound of the keys that calms me. It sounds rhythmic at a time when life seems to have no rhythm. No. It is because if I type “I MISS YOU”, no one can tell me to erase them.

Knowing you might never read these words…


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(© Vinay Leo R. @ I Rhyme Without Reason,
9th August, 2017)


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

40 thoughts on “A Letter to You”

  1. I completely agree with missing the typewriter . I still bang on the keyboard thinking it’s one . I specially miss the ting of the carriage as it rolls on to the next line and the odd letters that jump out of line .

  2. Beautifully written, Vinay. I know for many of the previous generation, typewriters gave a sense of comfort. I used to type on my Dad’s typewriter as a child, and used to be greatly fascinated by the keys that made a certain clanging metallic sound. Your post reminded me of it.

  3. I used to learn typing and shorthand as a kid – my parents made me take it up thinking they are valuable skills. I never got to use them as by the time I moved into the professional world, computers had tkaen over everywhere. I used to be fascinated with my grandfathers typewriter and would hear him typing on it all night!
    (SHALINI BAISIWALA recently posted… | Day-5 | Letter – Sigh, Swoon & Drool #writingbravely | WriteTribe – Festival of Words 2017 |)My Profile

  4. People leave Da. All the time. They just waltz out when we least expect it, either out of choice or because there’s no other option. It is us, the ones who are left behind who struggle. But there’s no point holding on and wishing of the might have beens. It is good for us to move on, keep the memories but not the feelings because they weigh you down. And yet, sometimes we cannot stop grieving.
    Things happen, life happens and we keep on living.
    (Bhavya recently posted… A Letter To My Dad #WriteBravely)My Profile

  5. Ah! This brought back some memories. I had learnt typing for 2 months during summer vacations. I think I was in class 9th then. Never used it after that. But there’s something beautiful about writing using a typewriter and also love its sounds.
    (Shilpa Garg recently posted… Kabootar Ja Ja Ja)My Profile

  6. Hi Vinay! I visited your blog for the first time a few days back when you wrote a fantastic piece around the map prompt. I loved your short story but did´t leave a comment behind. I will do so in a few mins. This one is as much a treat as my first read. I will be coming back for more for sure after these two delightful reads. I loved the old typewriter too…it had a nice vintage charm just like the old telephone too…God! You are making me miss my childhood so bad now. Loved the sound of the noisy but rhythmic typewriter too..the magical way the letters would get printed and it shifts to the next line….was a beautiful process altogether. Cheers!

  7. I used a typewriter only once in my lifetime. That was when I had visited my father’s office ages back when I was a wee tot. Beautifully written piece Vinay. 🙂

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