5 Book Resources I Use Frequently

I am participating in the 6th Write Tribe Festival of Words. I hope to blog for seven days in a row. The theme for Day 2 is “Share about the resources you use”.

My Favorite Book Resources

I am not a big spender. I save most of what I earn. If there is one thing I do spend on, it is books. I love to add to my treasure chest, and I keep some amount of money from each month’s earning to buy books. At times, it is to add to my collection of books from a particular author. At times, it is to support a friend who has become a newly published author. And of course, I buy books to gift to my bookworm friends. So when it comes to resources I use, the first and perhaps only thought that comes to mind is a bookstore.

Bangalore has a few bookstores I love to haunt. But I don’t always have the time to go to those stores, so I do buy books online as well. For today’s post, I’m going to write about 5 such resources for books, my favorite bookstores, both onsite and online that I use.

1. Blossom Book House

This is my heaven. Blossoms has two branches, both on the same street. One has been open for many years, and the second one just under a year. I love both places, and both have memories attached to them.

Blossoms Book House Book Resources

The old branch is the one I visit more frequently. It has aisles cluttered with books, both new and second-hand. They are arranged genre-wise, and then alphabetical order of author’s first name. I have found a few wonderful books randomly just walking along, window shopping. This branch is where I met many friends for the first time.

The new branch also has a lot of books, but it somehow lacks the charm of the old one. It seems neater, and the fragrance doesn’t linger yet. I’ve been part of two published anthologies. The book launch for the second one happened at this venue. So that is a treasured memory.

The books are priced quite nicely too, not too heavy on my wallet.

2. The Bookworm

The Bookworm is on Church Street too, just like Blossoms. And just like Blossoms, The Bookworm has two shops as well, both quite well stocked. I have attended a book launch here, and it was where I met one of the authors I admire – Anita Nair. I also met a couple of friends for the first time at that launch, and had a lot of fun.

Bookworm Bookish Resources
Source Article

The Bookworm is not a store I visit as frequently as Blossoms Book House, but yes, the prices are quite acceptable here too. I had been hunting for a particular edition of a book, and I found that at this store on the first try. So that memory is a treasured one for this store.

3. Books-by-Kilo Sales

This happens maybe twice a year at a hall near MG Road. As the title says, the books here are sold by the kilo…100 for a kilo, 200 for a kilo, 250 for 2 books etc. And they are second-hand copies. There is not usually a big selection of authors or genres either.

Kilosale Resources

Books from authors like Danielle Steele, Jodi Picoult and Lee Child are the ones that I find more often than not. Romance is the genre that seems to rule the roost. Some good quality second-hand copies can be found though. I found a mint condition hardcover copy of A Christmas Carol and other stories at such a sale. It is one to visit when it happens.

4. BookChor

BookChor is an online shop. It has mostly second-hand books, but at times there are new copies as well. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the prices are dirt-cheap, but they are quite low. The copies aren’t tattered or scribbled on, and I haven’t been disappointed with the dozen or so books that I’ve bought from them. A post-it note with a warm message usually accompanies the books. It makes me smile. Also, there is a Sunday Market where the prices drop even lower than they usually are. They deliver the books on time, and there are no delivery charges if the cart total price is higher than a certain amount.

5. Amazon

Yeah, I know. It had to be there, didn’t it? It doesn’t require much explanation. There are discounts. I’m an Amazon Prime member. If I find a book I love, and a cover-art I love, I buy it more often than not. I also have a Kindle, and a Kindle Unlimited library subscription. That Kindle purchase, one I wanted very badly, is the treasured memory associated with this store. Also, I know many new authors who go to self-publishing and to do it on Amazon is their usual choice. So it’s a good investment.

My Agatha Christie collection

There are some other cherished memories when it comes to Amazon too. Most of my Agatha Christie collection was bought from here, as was the Harry Potter Illustrated books in my collection as well as those I gifted to my sisters. I’m hoping the upcoming sale there has some good deals too.

Do you have any favorite book resources? Or have a favorite bookstore you visit quite frequently?

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66 thoughts on “5 Book Resources I Use Frequently”

  1. Blossom book house looks like a great book shop. Book Chor interests me – maybe can buy some books for the boys from them!
    So Blossom and The Bookworm same road, must be some tough competition:)

    Never attended a book launch! Hope to some day!

    • Yes. I suppose some competition would be there, Z. 🙂 It’s natural. 😀 But bookworms don’t really look at that. They look at books.

      Hope you attend a launch one day soon, and enjoy it. 🙂 Let me know how the BookChor experience was.

  2. Thats a goood list of resources Vinay! Amazon is the only resource I can access from the place I live in. I try to read something everyday, but the pile of books on my bedside table keeps raising and I try not to remove them because of that small hope of reading them someday. I am in awe of how much you read.

    • Oh. I read quite a lot more than what I share on FB, Menaka. 😉 It’s fun, and very relaxing. 😀

      Yeah, Amazon is a boon for bookworms who live far away from wonderful bookstores. 🙂 I hope that pile is read soon and another pile takes its place.

    • I have restricted review copies a lot, actually. 🙂 Trying not to take a review copy till I finish my to-be-read set. Only accepting those authors who I’ve read before and the book forms a part of their series.

      Book sale events are fun. 😀 I’m happy your book joys started in childhood too, Ramya. Have fun reading!

  3. I buy most of my books online since I am really particular about getting the best edition of a book. I occasionally visit bookstores and shop there. Need to visit Bookworm. Have been to Blossoms.

    • I like getting the best edition of books too, Avada, but visiting Blossoms is like a treasure hunt for me. 🙂 And I only know what the treasure is once I see it. Lots of gems, hiding in plain sight. 😀

  4. I have heard a lot about Blossoms, but never been there for the reason I live far far away from any decent place in Bangalore. If not for the pin code, I could have been in a different city. I am more into children’s books, discovering them for my son, that my favourite book resource or bookstore is Lightroom Bookstore in Cooke Town. It is this place where I have fallen in love with children’s literature and picture books from around the world. These days I buy them more for myself.
    (Anamika Agnihotri recently posted… My cherished treasure #WriteBravely)My Profile

    • I’ve not bought from Depository, though I have checked it out, and it seems a nice place. 😀 Maybe you should come to Bangalore, buy a suitcase full of books and go back, Babby. 😉

  5. I have visited blossoms and bookworm in Bangalore and been a tad bit disappointed. I found the stores a “mess” – books are just strewn around and it was very difficult to sift through them. I guess I have been accustomed to neater bookstores and with the advent of online shopping, the hassles have gone down largely. One of my fav past times is browsing in book stores and smelling the book smells. I liked the new store near MG road metro station which seemed far neater n also stocks some awesome stationary too.

  6. Wow… such a nice post. I will probably never get to visit these stores but I like to learn about the different book shops and bookworm’s favourite haunts. For the past few years, my favourite place has been the local library. There were never any good libraries around my house in Mumbai but I am glad there are many libraries here in Edinburgh and they are absolutely free. I love the ritual of walking to the library, browsing through the books, checking out a few and getting a stamp of the front page. It is all digital now, but there is still a library card. 🙂

    • Libraries are very nice, Maddie. 🙂 I had one in my neighborhood too, but it closed very recently. Who knows, maybe you’ll come on vacation and visit it sometime! 😀 Never say never till you know.

  7. I hv witnessed books by kilo kind of book sale back in UAE… and it was so much of fun! Good books for a cool price and that too kilos of them!
    I think, I sure will visit Blossom Book house in case I visit Bangaluru next time! Thanks for sharing.
    Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

  8. Unfortunately for me bookstores are like a drug………find it hard to leave and come away with just one. But since I don’t want any dust collectors any more, I avoid book shops and borrow books instead….Also don’t have any really nice bookstores closeby – either they are filled with children’s ‘educational ‘ books or stores that double up as coffee shops, toystores and venues for book launches….
    (Bellybytes recently posted… The questions I am asked! #WTFOW # WritingBravely)My Profile

    • I never said anything about buying just one book from the bookstore, Sunita. 😉 I go, I buy. Once, I have bought for more than 2k or 3k in a day. 😀

      I loved borrowing from the library too, but it closed recently. And I have a lot of unread books I’ve to peruse first.

  9. These book stores are wonderful and makes me nostalgic- good old Bangalore days. I have been reading only on kindle these days but the joy of visiting a bookstore is completely a different one

    • I agree with you, Akshata. Kindle works well when it comes to reading more, and with options like Kindle Unlimited, it does help a bibliophile. 🙂 But bookstores like Blossoms are just wonderful.

  10. Ahh, these are all such delightful havens for book-lovers! My go to resource for books these days is Amazon. More of a kindle reader now. Earlier I used to haunt Landmark and Crossword. Blossom is one place I’ve heard much about!

  11. Whenever I receive Amazon vouchers for my sponsored posts , I use it to buy books . I was a member of a library but since they didn’t always update with new released books , I opted out and now buy books from Amazon.

    • Libraries aren’t generating that much income these days, Aesha. It’s not always possible for them to stock with newly released books, I think.

      Amazon is good though. Very helpful resource for book lovers.

    • I don’t know if that concept was there back then, Raji. Maybe that’s why you missed it. If you’re in town, do visit it. I’ll check and tell you where it is happening at the time. 😀

  12. I knew it had to be about books, and so it is! I love bookstores too. In fact, given a choice, all three of us in the family would love to bury our heads deep into a book and happily forget we have a home to go back to…thats what happens every time we go to one! Nothing quite as comforting for a bibliophile, I agree! Haven’t been to the Bookworm yet, but now, thinking, should visit once!
    (Esha recently posted… Resources I Have #WTFOW#6 Day 2 #writebravely)My Profile

    • Of course it had to be. 😉 I live in words, don’t I, Esha? 😉 Yeah. Given a choice, even I would love to do that… happily forget the world around me. 😀 Hope you enjoy your book visits!

  13. Ooh… Second-hand book stores… I could happily spend the whole day, curled up in a corner of such a store, playing with my favorite playmates, surrounded by the best smell on earth. ?

  14. Thanks for sharing about these resources to the world, Vinay. Blossoms, Bangalore has fond memories for me too. Books-by-Kilo is interesting – if something like that were to be in Kochi, I would definitely frequent it just to see what they have in store!
    (Sreedeep recently posted… My companion)My Profile

    • There are a couple of shops that sell books by kilo through the year, Sreedeep. But there aren’t many options there usually. There might be in Kochi too.

    • Yeah. Even the library near my house shut down recently, Natasha. But I think that’s because the main patrons, children, use it only during vacations. 🙁

  15. It’s hard to FIND a good brick and mortar bookstore here in the U.S., anymore. There are a very few independent bookstores, and some are willing to carry local authors, published independently or through a small press. But they are a dying breed, thanks to Amazon. I love Amazon, but it is choking the life out of local businesses.

    P.S. Looks like you fixed the CommentLuv/SimplePie issue! That, or it’s just getting used to me, now – doesn’t hate me anymore… 🙂
    (Holly Jahangiri recently posted… Resource)My Profile

    • It is hard to find them here too, Holly. Many bookworms don’t like traveling in traffic to these places, so they look for the other places like libraries or big bookstore chains. Thankfully, these two or three seem to have survived the Amazon advantage. 🙂 I love Amazon too. You get some books quicker and at times cheaper than the brick and mortar stores.

      P.S.: Glad that worked out. 😉

  16. I mostly depend on Amazon. We do have a wholesale mart here in Hyderabad where one can find used and new books a low prices but my lazy self doesn’t step out until its unavoidable. These are some lovely resources you mentioned….

    • I mostly depend on Amazon too, but if I had the time and the company, I would go get lost in the aisles of Blossom Book House. 😀 The company is to help me keep to my budget. 😛 Thanks, Keerthi.

  17. An interesting list. I was hoping to find Goodreads too, but I guess you don’t actually source books from there, only recommendations. 🙂 I’ll check out BookChor on your recommendation. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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