My Greatest Treasure

I am participating in the 6th Write Tribe Festival of Words. I hope to blog for seven days in a row. The theme for Day 1 is “Write about a Treasure you have”.

My Greatest Treasure

I grew up listening to stories from Indian Mythology that my grandmother told me. My fourth grade English teacher helped that love for stories to grow. She created a small library only for our class. Each of us would give one book to the library. Over the school year, we’d take one book every Monday and return it the next. If we lost a book, we had to replace it. That helped to make us punctual too. I realized that stories can be anywhere around me. That realization led to poetry a year later. I looked for a story, saw a butterfly, and then found a verse.

I chased academic excellence. In that chase, I fell in love with some text books. In a way, I lost the love for stories. I used to read the novels I borrowed from my neighborhood library, but there wasn’t an excitement anymore. It was only when I started to build my bookshelf that that passion for reading was revived. I bought books I’d always wanted to buy. I re-read books from authors I had loved reading in school. As I read more, I learned from what I read. I became a better writer.

I met acquaintances who loved the same books I loved. It was like the book was recommending the person. Some of those acquaintances became friends. Some of those friends became best friends. We exchanged books as part of Secret Santa during Christmas. We talked on books, personalized them with our thoughts, and made a memory to savor.

“Wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” – JK Rowling

My bookshelf is made of memories, of countless words I’ve learned and of countless worlds I’ve dived into. I smile when I talk about it, and it is my ray of hope when I’m sad. Yes, it is a little thing to many of those around me. But it is a little thing that matters. My bookshelf is not just a bookshelf. It is my treasure chest.

Bookshelf Treasure

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5th August, 2017)


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. I was going to write it on my bookshelf when I changed it at the nth hour! This one I can very closely relate to, Vinay! My library is still growing…started building it when I was in grade 11 with my pocket money, and I have a lot of emotions attached to my books! Great start to the 7days ahead! 🙂
    (Esha recently posted… A treasure forever #WTFOW#6 Day 1)My Profile

    • Even mine is slowly growing. 🙂 There are books I love, and there are books I like, and some I’m quite happy to part with. 😛 Glad you liked my treasure, Esha. 🙂

  2. You know, I have somehow lost my love of reading books. I did buy some & promised myself to read one each month but nay. I hope like you were able to revive the joy of reading I can too!

    I like how your class teacher made a library just for the class! So thoughtful.

    Loved the last two lines, that your bookshelf is not just a bookshelf!

  3. Like you, grew up with grandma’s tales, too. My father read voraciously, as well, so I lived surrounded by bookshelves. And now that I’ve got a place of my own, it is crammed by books and bookshelves. Bookshelves are indeed a treasure for me, too, my only possessions I feel remotely sentimental about. 🙂
    (Damyanti recently posted… What Do You Treasure in Your Life? #WriteBravely)My Profile

    • Bookshelves are the only things I feel remotely sentimental about too, Damyanti. 🙂 They’re my most prized possession, something that very few people understand. Glad you could relate.

  4. Loved reading it. I have similar sentiments about my and my son’s bookshelf which we have been building diligently over the last 4 years. My favourite line from the post – Books recommending the person who we shall become friends with.

  5. I saw Mom’s library brimming with books and that’s how I started reading. Today, I am so glad that she could guide me to love words and build a library of my own. Honestly, it is difficult to have one here as we have to move every couple of years. However, I have over 200 books here already which I collected over the last four years. Heee 😀
    I loved your take on the prompt, V. Books are indeed a treasure! Cheers to writing seven days!
    (Shalini recently posted… Tokens of Love #writebravely)My Profile

  6. My overflowing bookshelf is my treasure chest too. The only way to redeem it is to get a bigger bookshelf. You have said about a treasure which is so close to my heart.

  7. I had considered my books as my treasure too but I have another weakness/hobby which actually saw me through tough times and is therefore earmarked as my life saviour. So I have chosen to write about that.
    I loved the way you have equated reading books with making memories out of the stories you read and experience in your head. May your treasure chest grow by leaps and bounds, enrichening you further as the days go by!
    (SHALINI BAISIWALA recently posted… | Day-1 | A treasure that I cherish | WriteTribe – Fesitval of Words 2017 |)My Profile

  8. So well put, Vinay. A bookshelf may be a little thing, and something that’s overlooked as a treasure. But yes, the memories of the words and the memories of the books is indeed a real treasure!
    (Sreedeep recently posted… My treasure troves)My Profile

  9. With books, you are never alone. The delight, contentment, awe, sorrow, thrill, horror that books transport you into is nothing short of a miracle. You are right, your bookshelf is a treasure chest that is priceless!

  10. Leo, what a lovely post it is ! Bookshelves contain so many stories and poems from so many places that it is indeed a treasure to hold and protect. I have a few shelves and love just rearranging my books on them, rereading some favorite books makes me happy too.

    • Absolutely, Sulekha. 🙂 Thank you. That treasure from near and far gives a world to jump into at short notice as well. 😀 A getaway from reality. And yes, quite nice to rearrange the shelves.

  11. It’s so amazing to note that for all of us, our love affair with books started pretty early in life. And I am so glad that it is going strong for most of us.
    PS : I love your collection of books.

    • Yeah. Quite true. 🙂 But then again, school plays a big part when it comes to the love for reading, I feel. Maybe that’s why that love affair starts there.

      PS: Thank you so much, SG. 😀

  12. I have a confession to make! I dint mention it before but this was the first post i read after i joined writetribe and registered for the campaign. Picked up this post to read by a complete random click. Little did i know that i would also end up in your group 🙂
    Books are my treasure too. Its indeed a wonderful post!

    • 🙂 That’s nice to know. I’m quite happy to have had you as part of my little Tribe group too, Keerthi. And glad you could relate to the treasure as well. Thank you.

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