One More Light…

I have not done a tribute post before. It pains me, but I realize that even if I had, the words would not come as easily when paying tribute to a voice that I admired throughout my childhood. It was a voice that could make the lyrics shine and stay etched in the heart for a long time. I heard “Numb” in the year 2005. It has stayed there since then. That’s how powerful I felt Chester Bennington’s voice to be.

Many of my friends queued up for tickets to see Justin Bieber and Coldplay. It was all I could see on my Facebook feed those days. But I knew that the only band I’d consider standing in queue for was Linkin Park. To think that that dream is no longer One Step Closer is heartbreaking. How fickle is life? One minute you’re listening to your favorite song from the artist, and the next you hear that that artist is no more. Yeah. Life’s like that. One More Light goes out in this earth-bound sky of stars, and In The End it does matter. Maybe not in the grand scheme of life, but to those hearts that that light guided. I wish I could Run Away from that reality and keep it from Pushing Me Away, but it is not an option.

The Castle of Glass is broken today. Chester Bennington, your time has come. I’ll Leave Out All The Rest, for you have given me so many reasons to miss your voice. The mark it has left on me is not Faint at all. And it will never be Lost in the Echo. Thank you for the memories. Rest in Peace.


(Image was shared by my friend Anmol Rawat on his Facebook feed. I don’t have another source for that.)

(© Vinay Leo R. @ I Rhyme Without Reason,
17th July, 2017)


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

14 thoughts on “One More Light…”

  1. I hear you…it’s heartbreaking. I was fortunate to see them play live a couple of times. Chester was awesome. I was hoping with the release of One More Light this year, they’d be touring Australia again and was looking forward to it. But it will never be the same…

    • You are very lucky to have seen Linkin Park live in concert, Babby. I wish I had had that chance, but they never toured India. And yes, even if they do now, Linkin Park without Chester will be missing something. A heartbreaking Friday, yes. May his soul rest in peace.

  2. Alt rock truly won’t be the same without this man. Linkin Park is responsible for drawing a whole generation of people into rock music. May his sound rest in peace..

  3. Sad to hear the news about his suicide. Sometimes the way the world sees us is different from how we truly feel inside. I grew up on Linkin Park’s music -an early introduction to alt.rock music. Their profound lyrics and videos did it all for me.
    He will surely be missed, and it must be a trying period for his 6 kids and wife that he left behind.
    So talented and so young. Sigh. Great tribute, thanks for sharing.

  4. Well, obviously I’m from a different planet because I don’t know the musician or his music but I do know the pain that one feels when one loses something that is so dearly loved. Unquestionably musicians, artists, actors and other celebrities affect our lives however distant they really are. I know I was deeply affected by Fidel Castro’s death not because I admired him or even knew him or was even remotely affected by him. It’s just that he was such a part of history that when he actually passed on, I felt that something had also ended with him.
    But I basically wanted to leave a comment about your blog. I am glad to know that you have also been blogging for a long while under a nom de plume and finally managed to amalgamate your real self with your virtual self. I am having issues with that too.
    I love your blog – it is truly sophisticated and smart and it is my loss that I hadn’t visited it before.

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