That’s Why I Write…

This is my 4th Festival of Words. I’m not having a particular theme this time, but I shall travel down memory lane and revisit some posts I had written inspired by Write Tribe prompts. The first post I wrote for a Write Tribe prompt was on the topic, “Why I Write”, when I had written this poem. I contemplate about that piece today. As the Festival of Words winds down, the Half Marathon at The Blog Chatter starts, so sharing this for Day 2 over there.

That’s Why I Write..

WTFOW #5, Day 7

Three years have passed, yet some things remain the same. I remember the first time I wrote for a Write Tribe prompt, when I was part of that group, and when it was a lot of fun. At times, even now, I do not know why I write, but it’s that there’s this compulsive need to. The world just doesn’t seem right without writing a few words, a post, a story, a poem, a rant… something, every now and then.

It is joyous to see the words flow on to the paper, rushing out like that’s what they were meant to be doing. It’s relieving, and cathartic. Maybe that is a reason why I write, because there’s a burden that needs to be unloaded, and I find writing to be the outlet to do that. I write because I want to write, and I do want to, more often than not. I know I don’t have to, but I love it when I do. And the tagline of this blog feels so true. I live in the words I write.

So when the time comes, these might as well be a legacy. They would hold a piece of me to remember, to cherish, maybe even to forget. They will be records of moments and memories that continue to live through them too. And they will be tales of friendships forged through them. Yeah. So that’s why I write. Sometimes, I do know why I write. Three years have passed, and that has changed. Yep.

(© Vinay Leo R. @ I Rhyme Without Reason, 16th July 2016)


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

24 thoughts on “That’s Why I Write…”

    • I’ve been writing on the blog for nearly ten years now, Sunaina. 🙂 3 years since the first time I shared with Write Tribe. And yeah, it was a beautiful thing to have happened.

    • I agree. There are many beautiful prompts in the journey. But it is nice that there needn’t be a reason to write, that I just write because I love it, and that’s still a reason. 😀 Now I’m confused a little. Thank you, Dashy.

  1. Bravo…
    You are writing since three years and I have just started writing, but I have experianced the same feeling and joy which are still feeling.
    I hope by guidance of seniors like you in this field, i will keep going..

    • That’s okay. I have the inspiration from the tribe still, Corinne, and that makes the difference. I don’t quite feel I’d fit into a group now anyway. I’m still a part of the tribe through the meme prompts and Friday Reflections. That’s still something.
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  2. I don’t really know why I write, sometimes its for some reason, and sometimes for no reason at all. All I know is I know nothing else.
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  3. Hi. I remember the first time I had picked up my pen to write. It came as a result of a lot of disappointment. But your question to yourself, is an uncomfortable one. ‘Why do I write’, not everyone may want to answer that. I may not want to answer that.
    Anyway, I love reading and re-reading my own words. There is a certain assurance that I get from them, plus you are right; we all enjoy seeing words take form on the paper. Happy to be connected with you via this marathon. Ciao!

    • No. I guess not everyone would be comfortable answering that, but it’s a question that comes during introspection, G. 🙂 And it wasn’t a comfortable introspection for sure. The assurance and enjoyment to see words on paper is a good enough reason to write, for sure. Thank you and good to connect with you via the Daily Chatter too.

  4. You’re an incredible writer Vinay, I too write because I feel that we should express more often 🙂 the joy of putting words on a page and watch as they stir emotions in the reader is exquisite. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

    Lots of love,

    • I am glad that you felt I am an incredible writer. 🙂 The appreciation encourages me to write more. Thank you, Sanaa. I agree with you that that joy of putting words on a page and watching them strike a chord with a reader is exquisite. 😀

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