That One Secret…

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That One Secret

Lots of things, in this life to hide,
Lots of things, never to confide,
No one cares, they come and they go;
That’s a secret, only I know.

Long ago, the night I was born,
On his face was a look of scorn,
Never wanted, this girl to show,
That’s a secret, only I know.

He hit my mother, called her names,
But it is her, everyone blames;
For she kept me, this world to show,
That’s a secret, only I know.

With broken hope, one day she died,
No note, but they said – suicide;
He – the poison, she did swallow,
That’s a secret, only I know.

The ash had not cooled, but he came,
That cruel glint remained the same;
He pulled me close, too tight to go,
That’s a secret, only I know.

That night, he came into my bed,
Asked of me then, if I had bled,
He smiled as I shook my head no,
That’s a secret, only I know.

He told me, no screaming or else,
I’d have to pay with seven hells;
Under my skirt, his hands did go,
That’s a secret, only I know.

He took my dress, all that I wore,
All my body, his hands explored,
He did not heed, my whispers no,
That’s a secret, only I know.

He held me still, then broke my soul,
Minutes like hours, that was his goal,
When he went, the tears I let go,
That’s a secret, only I know.

No one asked, and I feared to tell,
Each night I cried, and took his hell,
I was with child, he did not slow,
That’s a secret, only I know.

Few days left, till one becomes two,
If I share my secret to you,
Will you care, to let my words grow,
That one secret, only I know?

If I speak now, will my child stay?
Can the world keep his scorn away?
Is it time to share that with few?
That secret once, only I knew.

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(© 11th October 2015)


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

56 thoughts on “That One Secret…”

  1. Wow, Vinay. Absolutely stunning imagery! I really liked the last line of every stanza ending with a period until the end when it turns into an uncomfortable question and finally into the preterite form.

  2. Initially I thought the poetry is about killing of girl child. But it didn’t, its about another shame that continues in our society, rather the world.

    And your poetry brings the shame to light, the emotions, fear every emotion intensely.

    All the best!
    (Megha recently posted… The Ugly Introduction)My Profile

    • No. It’s something equally worse, Megha. I suppose, in a way, it might have been a happier ending for the girl had she died, rather than face that unwanted feeling, and torture. Glad that you felt my poem brings out the emotion intensely. Thank you, and all the very best to you as well.

  3. Whew, this is absolutely a stunning write! Really very effective. I could not stop reading…as it captured my attention & kept it. Those kinds of secrets need to be revealed and the perpetrators exposed. Too many secrets, too many people hurt.
    (Mary recently posted… Renewal)My Profile

    • I agree, but they are not revealed. I suppose there are reasons behind that, but silent suffering might not be a long term solution, I fear. Thank you, Mary. Glad you felt that my poetry was effective.

  4. Leo, you have captured how a girl in that situation must feel and, sadly, too many millions of girls live this violation and betrayal. A powerful write, that really impacts the reader. I wanted to rescue her, to keep her and her baby safe. For life will be even more heartbreaking now for her.
    (Sherry Blue Sky recently posted… Gratitude)My Profile

    • I have only tried to portray that, Sherry. It’s not possible for anyone to step into those shoes, I feel. So am glad that I was able to do it a little justice!

      Yes, many such girls who may relate to this story, sadly. I hope this situation becomes better and reduces o’er time till it becomes a void in the wheel of time.

  5. Horrifying child’s account of incestuous abuse that quietly records her terrible life. The poem is brilliantly crafted and merely paints out the horror through her eyes. Much applause but with tears too.

    • Yes. Much tears, I agree, Old Egg. It is sad that such incestuous abuse is rampant in the world. But in a way, I suppose, society needs to change too, for they don’t understand the victim always either. I pray for such children.

    • Unfortunate fact, that, Sumana. But when the secrets are secrets, then it works in favor of the beasts. In a way, I suppose, society needs to change too, for they don’t understand the victim always either.

    • Yes. True often, this story. I hope such secrets slowly stop being secrets, and hope there comes a time when there is no need for such acts to be kept secret. Thank you, Rosemary.

  6. Whoa…

    Powerful.. Damn powerful.

    You have, effectively, left my heart feeling heavy with this sinking feeling in the pit of my tummy…….

    Amazing writing Leo.. Keep going…………

  7. Such an honest and open poem – secrets must be shared in anyway possible…that perhaps is in some part a small victory in the wrongs that were done..and a way in which we are able to survive…
    (Jae Rose recently posted… Badge)My Profile

  8. I was supposed to leave a comment for you last night…but my net decided to quit on me. But I remembered the poem :)) It’s heartbreaking. The words are well crafted. And it rendered me speechless because…this actually does happen. You know I fight a lot for animal rights. Then I realize if human beings are capable of inflicting horrible pain on each other. It hurts so much because it is true.
    (Aniesha Brahma recently posted… Musing: 10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Cats)My Profile

    • Yes. It does happen. I guess humans are, in the end, animals; so we don’t hesitate to inflict horrible pain. Wish those who did had better sense.

      Glad you felt the words well crafted, Anie.

  9. My comment timed out! What is that? Suffice it to say I find the narrative voice filled with empathy. I hesitate to time out again.

    • I have no idea. 🙂 I guess the internet or server might have got disconnected for a moment or two while you commented the first time.

      Glad you liked the narrative voice, Susan. Thank you.

    • Yeah. Hard to write, because it is hard to imagine, no? But it is not effective any other way, so I have to write like this.

      Hope that inspired write on your school of thought comes really soon, Jb.

  10. a hard-hitting poem, Leo. the repetition of the last lines only reinforces the pain of the narrator, making the poem that much more forceful.
    i think, even in this digital age, in some asian cultures, the female is born to an uneven playing field. a disadvantaged one.

    • Yes. The refrain keeps the power that way, dsnake. I guess that’s one good thing about the Kyrielle. And you are right, even in this digital age, the girl child is born to an uneven playing field in some cultures. 🙁

  11. Ohh Lord!.. so much of pain in the writing…There are many She’s in society facing this kind of can’t able to reveal incidents…So sad how our society is making turns from many decades…On the other end your poetry is absolutely brilliant and the rhyming is terrific.

    • Yeah. There are many who face this ordeal or secret, I think, Vajra. And you are right, it’s not a recent problem in society either.

      Glad you felt the rhyming and poetry were terrific. 🙂 Wishing you all the best for Blog-a-Ton.

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