The screams…

Written as part of Wordy Wednesday at Blog-a-Rhythm, which offers the word “Scream” as inspiration AND Midweek Wordle at A Prompt Each Day, which gives ten words as inspiration for a post. Also sharing with The Tuesday Platform at Imaginary Garden with Real Toads and Open Link at d’Verse Poets.

The Screams

the earth at dawn, so blissful, serene;
my breath, smoky, in the cool mist,
happily felt, with smiling eyes, seen;
the dark fading, as the sun warms
the walker’s neck, walking with élan;
not even a child misses that beauty.

why then I wonder, do we, who admire,
turn a blind eye, to nature’s beauty
ignore Her scream, as we, born on Her,
kill Her children – cutting down trees,
polluting the water, and what else not.

if She is a goddess, and we God’s own,
are we not then, Her children too?
and Her children, are they not siblings?
for how long do we continue to ignore?
if Her scream dies with Her, so do we.

(© 3rd June 2015)


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

60 thoughts on “The screams…”

    • It is quite interesting to see how the prompt is interpreted, isn’t it? When I saw the word Scream as the prompt, it just took me down this path. Even I did not expect that. And my wordle prompt fell in place too. 😀

      Thank you for stopping by, Shailaja 🙂
      (Vinay Leo R. recently posted… The screams…)My Profile

  1. Good take Leo. I agree but I think we will die first, rather She will kill us before she dies or maybe she will never die, just take back everything that belonged to her 🙂
    (Sfurti Juztamom recently posted… Scream)My Profile

    • At the rate we’re desecrating Her, that just could happen. It’d be a sad way to go.

      Hoping Her patience doesn’t run out too quickly though.

      Thank you for stopping by, Sfoo 🙂
      (Vinay Leo R. recently posted… The screams…)My Profile

  2. I do like this. Caring for the land and all her children was how I was raised so I can connect with this. I often wonder how people can not hear “The Screams”

    Thank you for your kind comment and your visit. I do love the write many things. Been blogging since ’08 and have used lots of words. You are correct…the cue had to be appealing.
    (Gail recently posted… The Marriage Bed…An Obituary)My Profile

    • I enjoyed your take, and the form which you wrote the poem. I too often wonder how we can’t hear the screams.

      Glad you liked the poem and thank you for dropping by, Gail 🙂
      (Vinay Leo R. recently posted… Captive)My Profile

    • I think it’s already reaching a limit. Don’t know how long before that line is crossed.

      Glad you liked the poem and thank you for dropping by, L. Moon 🙂
      (Vinay Leo R. recently posted… Captive)My Profile

  3. Excellent poem and with a timely message, also. Humanity is killing nature and it must stop for our own survival. Great use of the prompt!
    (Debbie D. recently posted… SCREAM)My Profile

    • It must stop killing Nature indeed. It might already be too late, but a start might do wonders!

      Glad you liked the poem and thank you for dropping by, Debbie D. 🙂
      (Vinay Leo R. recently posted… Captive)My Profile

  4. I often wonder that, too: are we nature’s children…? hmm. It’s sickening to see how forests are being chopped down…. tired of seeing grasslands being replaced with parking lots
    (Anthony Desmond recently posted… Untitled)My Profile

    • When we do that, cut down trees for lots and malls and what not, I too wonder where we’re headed. Not necessarily as Nature’s children, but as thinkers. It’s a treacherous road, that’s for sure. Hope we decide not to, and start to save the greenery.

      Thank you for dropping by, Anthony Desmond. Glad my poem got you wondering!
      (Vinay Leo R. recently posted… Captive)My Profile

  5. Oh.. the scream of nature.. not readily heard.. but thundering
    LIGHTENING as spirits of animals living all around..
    is ONE i ‘hear’ at ‘night’.. when Industrial IT world
    ‘sleeps’.. and this nature tales me.. WE are listening..
    WE are telling.. WE WILL make this life
    HELL for YOU.. if YOU do not cOOperate…
    Some of WE are here millions
    more years than YOU..
    and when YOU GO..
    WE for ONE
    BE living

    If I haVE some mixED magazine
    clippingS it will look more like
    a ransom letter for

    AS just another humble
    messenger.. of Mother Nature

    …sorry… that is long…
    but inspiration does that
    to me.. Thank you.. very much..:)
    (katiemiafrederick recently posted… Psalmets of Nature)My Profile

  6. There are many individuals who try so hard to do the right thing for our environment – And like you say in the poem – so many who profess to love nature never do one thing to help make it a better place to live.
    (Margaret recently posted… Hold Tight)My Profile

    • So many who profess that do put their money where their mouth is. But then, there are people who do the exact opposite. Even keeping neutral is acceptable when compared to appreciating and then tearing down, I feel.

      Thank you for stopping by, Margaret .
      (Vinay Leo R. recently posted… Captive)My Profile

  7. Interesting to see how a prompt is interpreted in so many ways. As for as the earth, she is giving us all the warning signs to mend our ways. Will we listen is to be seen.
    (Jaibala Rao recently posted… Voices)My Profile

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