The Magic of Magic

I came to know of the 30 day book challenge from my friend Bindu, who posted it in a group on Facebook. To talk of books is brilliant. My friends tease me that I might run out of space for the books I buy to read. That doesn’t really stop me from buying those books that appeal to me a lot.

Day 3 – My Favorite Series

Image via Amazon, but I have this box set at home. :)
Image via Amazon, but I have this box set at home. 🙂

The two words “Favorite series” bring to mind only one reply when it comes to books. I became a part of the magical world of Hogwarts when I seized my opportunity and grabbed The Prisoner of Azkaban from right under my classmate’s nose. At that moment of time, I had no idea what the series was about, I didn’t know the book I had taken was the third one in the series or that it was THE fantasy series going around then. I remember my classmate making some computer program that sorted us into “houses” of Hogwarts based on questions. So to find out my “house” Ravenclaw had the studious kinds was sort of satisfying. I read the book from cover to cover in a day, or two. The first two books were with other classmates. We swapped amongst ourselves. I read the first book, and I could imagine myself standing next to the stool as Harry got sorted, and watching as Ron and Harry defeated the troll. With every page I became part of the magical world, and I didn’t feel like leaving it.

The fourth book hadn’t yet come out then. I waited in queue at the library to take it out, waking up early on a Saturday so I was the first there. And I finished the book, thick as it was, in a day. I then re-read it once more before returning it too. I didn’t know what was more excruciating… that I had finished the book in a day, or knowing that I had to wait a long time before the next would come out. When my sister first read the series, I knew she was hooked. And I had someone to wait along with me. Our family never understood that obsession. They still don’t. But for us, it was something special. It still is. The series comes alive when I talk about it to her, seeing the twinkle in her eye when I get gifted a locket with the sign of the Hallows. Not every series makes a mark such as Harry Potter made on me. The books are something I shall treasure for the rest of my life.

(10th November 2014)


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

8 thoughts on “The Magic of Magic”

  1. The Magic of Magic. Such a fancy title 😀
    The best books are those who irresistibly invites you to their own world of fantasy and reality. HP is one among them.
    I haven’t read the entire series but 3 parts that I enjoyed reading. 🙂
    P.S.- I want to see your grand book collection 🙂 hope you find some time to click and send photo.
    (Sims recently posted… Book Review : The Hidden Letters… By Purba Chakraborty)My Profile

  2. And same pinch again! 😛
    My first and favorite book series till now and also forever I can bet! I read 5th one directly after watching first 4 movies. But books are books so to I jumped in the world of Harry Potter and read all one after the other! Seriously my parents too never understood the obsession!
    (Nibha recently posted… The Sunday Scroll #19)My Profile

    • Oh. Parents find it hard to understand a book-ish obsession at times, Nibha 😀 Mine keep asking me where are you going to keep them all. 😛 I don’t enjoy the movies as much. Watched them after reading the first four I suppose 🙂
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  3. This is my absolute favourite series too. I read it when I was in school and for some reason I felt that it spoke to me on more than one level. So yeah, Harry Potter is my favourite series too.
    (Bhavya recently posted… 30 Lists Prompt)My Profile

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