A Walk Through Memories (Part 7)

(<<< Part-6) The bags are packed and in the car. The week has been wonderful, and has added to my memories of this white bungalow, for I’ve relived my childhood and seen Vidya live hers. I’ve not yet been to see Sharada chechy. I know, if I do, that I’ll cry, and she’ll cry too. … Read moreA Walk Through Memories (Part 7)

A Walk Through Memories (Part 6)

(<<< Part-5 || Part-7 >>>) The sea glows orange as the sun sinks into its depths, and I watch it from the edge of the beach, writing my name with a broken stick, and letting the waves run into me as they wash it away. Behind me, Aarthi and Vidya play hopscotch in the bungalow … Read moreA Walk Through Memories (Part 6)

A Walk Through Memories (Part 5)

(<<< Part-4 || Part-6 >>>) The sun beats down on the earth, and not a puddle remains. The waters of the sea feel warm as we run in and out of the waves, happily soaking in the family time. A fisherman’s son watches us curiously, and smiles back at us when he sees us watching … Read moreA Walk Through Memories (Part 5)

A Walk Through Memories (Part 4)

(<<< Part-3 || Part-5 >>>) The pitter-patter of rain is music to my ears as I stir from my sleep. For a moment, I wonder where I am. I look around to see no one near me, and I panic. But the music drifts in through the window, and I feel at home once again, … Read moreA Walk Through Memories (Part 4)

A Walk Through Memories (Part 3)

(<<< Part-2 || Part-4 >>>) Not once, not twice or thrice, but seven times I sneezed as I entered my old bedroom. I walked to the window and pulled the curtains open. The sun, peeking out from the clouds for the first time since morning, cast its rays into the room and in its brightness, … Read moreA Walk Through Memories (Part 3)

A Walk Through Memories (Part 2)

(<<< Part-1 || Part-3 >>>) How wonderful it is that as some things change, others remain the same. This sunrise, golden through the heads of swaying coconut palms, is as picturesque as I remember it to be. The sky, blue like my daughter’s eyes, has but a few splashes of white. But I can see … Read moreA Walk Through Memories (Part 2)