In this world of diseases unlimited
is there a cure for bad thoughts?
Can medicines alleviate the pain
of a heart torn apart by an action?
Can kindness stop the vengeance
that starts out as but a reaction?
Can our thinking that all is well
fix the scars borne out of abuse?
Can it restore the faith, the hope
that we weren’t born just to use?
Can something, if anything, stop
used hearts from holding grudges?
Can we somehow soon forget
our painting of life has smudges?
Can we accept that in our lives
even friendship can easily fade?
That if the heat hits for a moment,
forgotten is our friendship’s shade.

Somehow I cannot just accept,
that in this life, we are all alone,
It might just be the biggest truth,
but so is friendship when known;
till someone finds the elusive cure,
for bad thoughts that do entrap,
at times, I can’t help but think,
this life’s journey is always crap.
till that elusive cure is discovered,
I’ll welcome darkness than light,
nothing beats that helplessness,
of having wings, just not flight.

Shared with Verse First and One Single Impression.

(March 6th, 2013)

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

28 thoughts on “Flightless”

  1. I like this poem, but feel using the word crap reduces the poems impact.. May be something about hope forming to wrap or something like that might be good, or a little reworking of those few surrounding lines. Other than that I really liked it.

    • Ah. This poem isn’t about hope forming at all, in fact, it’s the opposite, not finding that hope at all without a cure to our thoughts turning sour, so life definitely feels like crap at that time. Thanks for the suggestion though, and glad you liked the poem, TTY.

    • That is a wonderfully inspiring poem indeed, TTY. 🙂 Thank you. It’s not that I find life to be crap all the time of course. There are some instances that make you think like that for that moment. In that moment, even the glimmer of hope isn’t seen, so acceptance is far from likely.

      I bookmark your given link for times I need inspiration. 🙂

  2. I do hear you here, Leo. Sometimes those bad thoughts do circle, and we can’t find a way to rise above them; and yes, sometimes so much does seem like ‘crap’ indeed. Sometimes I think the ‘cure’ happens spontaneously and unexpectedly! Often in spring…….. Best wishes to you.

  3. Especially love the last two lines – it suits my flight envy of the birds and the gods I would befriend.

  4. Hi Leo, really enjoyed the rhyming scheme and especially this line hit home for me–
    Can we somehow soon forget
    our painting of life has smudges?
    Always smudges–(I just like that word, too–but that’s a great image). Well done! 🙂

    • Yes, that painting does have smudges more often than not. Guess the trick is to see the colors than the smudges 🙂 Thanks, Sara.

  5. Interesting, unresolved mystery in verse. It is the expectation of things revolving around me around our family, our nation, around humans that leads to much of the disillusion. Without these expectations — without expecting that “all things *should* work for the better, the sense of “crap” is a little less intense and pleasure, a pleasant surprise. Some institutions, try to tell us otherwise. (wink)

    • Without expectation, there is freedom to think and to be what we want to. Self expectation is omnipresent I feel. So yes, the sense of “crap” would seem less intense! 🙂 Thanks, Sabio.

  6. Well Leo….late than never.. I reached here to find this intense composition… thoughts whatever they had been for me..bad, worse or good…could never hold sun to rise to gift a new day…and I have sustained over time through adversities….only I refused to accept their impact on my spirit.. and you know it Leo…you too know it… and that’s what sustains….I am sure..


    • The hope for a new day, a better day does sustain, Rameshji, but there are moments when you feel the clouds will not go away. Such moments bring such poems. Thank you for the kind words 🙂

  7. I think this is one of the poem which I have to think hardest on what to comment. Because this was something I was feeling few days back, and well, since you have written with such depth, right from the heart, you do know how it feels right?

    The questions you put, the thoughts, the black empty thoughts, lost hope, it seems more than hell when we are in that phase. And we do such moments in life, when we and hope are poles apart, or even not even in the nearest solar system of the feelings we are in. The only good thing I like about such feeling is it made you weave such a amazing poem, although I pray you dont get such occasions, yet continue to pen such beautiful poems 🙂

    And, I am not sure if that’s a co-incidence, but then some days I had just a thought of that smudges on the painting thingy. yeah, they are not welcome. But sometimes, these smudge add to the beauty of the painting, isn’t it? Though we are so much drowned in those feelings that we feel like wiping out everything and start afresh, but when we are back to so called normal-self, we do realize it’s not that and after all, and even if it is, we accept it.

    This is one such poem I am gonna read again and again esp at dark time because sometimes its makes you feel little good that though you cant help but that phase to end, the words will provide some solace that you aren’t not the only one, and that, even in such times, beautiful, understanding words can come. Although, in my opinions, only writers like you only can do it. Yes, it will inspire amateurs like us 🙂

  8. first of all I have to use all my eyes( i have four by the way) to search where to comment and most of the time I read and do not comment because of my laziness)
    second , sometimes its ok to surrender to the dark and negative in our life, I personally have seen it helps rising up again and appreciating the light and positive.

    • If you blog a li’l more, you’d know that a post can be got by clicking on the title too 😉 And hence, the comments as well.

      Yes. OK to surrender, and hope for a rise from the ashes! 🙂 Thanks, Asteria.

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