Janhvi (my best friend) and Anunoy have got the Liebster award, which they have decided to pass on to me. And Apala, who I awarded has returned the award to me (unfairly!). It’s a big “rule-filled” award, so here goes. The rules of the award are: Post 11 things about yourself Answer 11 questions set … Read moreLiebby!

February NaHaiWriMo Days 21 to 25

turquoise ring … the artist mixes green and blue Day #21, NaHaiWriMo February, Turquoise. living room … a ghost hurries past the wind chime Day #22, NaHaiWriMo February, Living Room. pillow talk – the local news goes live Day #23, NaHaiWriMo February, Bedroom. my worries floating away … soap bubbles Day #24, NaHaiWriMo February, Bathroom. … Read moreFebruary NaHaiWriMo Days 21 to 25