When the Gang got back together!

A group of bloggers from Bangalore got tired of waiting for another Indiblogger’s meet to get back together and planned for a meet on Saturday, January 19th. We had decided on a venue, were thinking what to do when we meet, if we would discuss anything seriously and what time to meet, who can make it etc. With a week left for this meet, voila, Indiblogger announces a meet on the very next day! And all of us immediately registered for that one, and shifted our meet plans to that instead.

Now, anyone who read my thoughts on the last meet knew how disappointed I was with that one. I think most of my gang also echoed the same thoughts, and also, a few of us were missing from that meet as well. So we were hoping for better this time. And yes, it definitely was better.

It all started with The Fool, CS and I taking a longer route to the venue. When we got there, we were welcomed as always by Vineet (he’s been the first to spot me at the meet four out of five past meets!) and also greeted cheerfully by Renie, Diana, Ravan, Deepika, Anil and Anoop. First indication all was going to plan.

Secondly, I met Balasubramaniam Meghanathan, Princess, Aayan inside. Also met Nimisha and Manasa for the first time. Nethra joined in, and then Nabanita and Tanmayee as well. We all occupied one big table at the very back (backseaters are awesome!) and when we were asked to shuffle, we just shifted tables (Cheers to IB for the idea though! Good to meet new bloggers that way, but I think our gang were just looking to continue the excitement of meeting again). There were  six of our meet group missing, and we missed them a lot (Tina, Santosh, Harsha Chittar, Sibi, Navin, Ghanchakkar).

We had a fun time during the blogger introductions (the thirty seconds of fame segment which was back by popular demand), and it was nice that there was some fun with voice impersonations and stuff. (I couldn’t do impressions to save my life, so I kept mine as boring as I could). When I saw the cardboard cuttings return, I was expecting the old “Live and Let Comment” segment to return, but it was more of a “Find the Quote” part, where you had to find the bloggers who completed a quote you had on your cutting. (The quote was hidden in a QR code, but most of us had QR scanners downloaded). I missed finding the other blogger by just seconds, and didn’t get a book (I saw the book. It wasn’t my cup of tea, so no issues!).

Half an hour was given to Hewlett Packard for their sponsor session. This wasn’t boring or monotonous, and they interacted with us on something we could also relate to. Originals and copies are something bloggers and writers can understand, right? They call it copies, we call it plagiarism. Potato-potahto. If we weren’t too interested in listening full time, our gang also chatted amicably amongst ourselves. We also had a wonderful, active little boy who went around the room collecting candies from a lot of tables. Tanmayee’s son was a splash of color and fun at our table.

We discussed stuff during high tea, when we met with others too… Kirthi, Sweta Tiwary, Farida, Vidya, Rachna, Shravan, Vijay, Ritvik, Akshay, Raj and so many others. Some who I didn’t know (or couldn’t remember the name) also greeted me, and it was nice to see. There was a nice session where we had to form a group of fifteen and play charades on stage. We had a good team, but we had to enact “The Merry Adventures of Robinhood” which was easily guessed. I guessed three of the other teams’ enactions but unfortunately wasn’t heard, so no goodies. When that disheartened me, the next segment (hosted by one of our group members, Mr. Ravan) cheered me up quite nicely. People were asked to go on stage and given topics to debate in two minutes. I gave a topic “If Ravan had defeated Ram” and I was delighted to hear the reply given by Rachna’s son, and also the humorous replies to “Why this Kolaveri di?”. LOVELY SEGMENT THIS WAS.

We winded it up with a photo session, and headed out, collecting our t-shirts and some extra goodies.

When Poo and I were talking on the way back, she and I were thinking on the same lines. This was one meet I wouldn’t have missed.

A warm welcome by the Inditeam, quick introductions, some fun interactions, time to talk over tea, a team activity, and some games, all put at a time where more people would be able to make it. The whole meet was hosted enthusiastically by Anoop, and though there was sponsor talk (inevitable of course), the talk was minimal and not at all boring. This was the original way of hosting the Indiblogger meets, and I’m glad it was returned to normal this time. The Nokia Meet was like a Copy, this was the Original Deal! Cheers to Indiblogger this time. Waiting for the next meet. (Told this to Renie too)

(January 20th, 2013)

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

22 thoughts on “When the Gang got back together!”

  1. I hate being a kid – teenager, actually, but still under the “kid” category for grown-ups. I miss all the fun stuff like blogger meets. Add to that the “you’re-a-girl-you-just-can’t-gallivant-around” lectures from my parents, and that’s end of story.

    Well, glad you guys had fun and here’s to better meets ahead (ones which, I hope, can attend)! Cheers! 🙂

    • There was a 12 year old (or possibly younger too) at the meet 😉 So teenager doesn’t count 😛 Also, a 18 year old girl, who’s one of my best friends on Indiblogger and blogger world in general! So you being a “kid” doesn’t mean you can’t come with your mom/dad and meet other bloggers and have fun 😀 Looking forward to seeing you at some meet-up 😉

    • a little correction what Leo has said. you can bring along your mom and dad only if they are registered with indiblogger or you have an exception mail from the team. just in case if you are thinking along this line.

      • Oh. I see. But I think, if the Indiblogger is 18-, and wants to come to the meet, an exception should be given to that. Otherwise, we’ll never meet the younger bloggers of our community na, Sawan. Should talk with Renie about that 🙂 Good you told the current restrictions anyways for Zainab’s understanding 😉

  2. I love to join to guys, but Farheena loves to sit in front, and kind of I am comfortable in front row too… therefore I miss your company and regret it throughout the meet ;). Definitely had a nice time with fellow bloggers at the meet…

    • I know, but if we sit at the front, Anoop would throw us out for disturbing 😛 So we backbenchers are better at the back 😉 I had fun too, Farida. Cheers!

    • Farida, I am glad that you had a good time, cya again soon 🙂 Leo, next time I am gona make sure that you are led to the front row and right in front of Anoop’s eyes 😀

  3. Looks like among the three of you, you’ve written everything there is to write about the meet :). Good to meet so many bloggers. Indiblogger team rocked, and the event was really so much fun. I am doubly happy as sonny had a swell time! Definitely a meet worth attending.

    • We’ve written our thoughts on the meet, Rachna 😉 Not everything about the meet 😀 Yes, it was a fun event and I’m glad to have met so many bloggers. 🙂

  4. What a wonderful account of the meet! You met so many bloggers and this meet seems to have gone quite well unlike the previous one. Any photos?

  5. Yes, Vinay, I completely agree. This meet was so much fun and way better than the Nokia meet. Wonderful afternoon it was. Though we met only for a brief moment, just good enough to say “Hi”, it was still great to meet you and many other known and also unknown faces. 🙂

    • True, Akshay. Maybe next time, we can advance to two words, “Hi dude” 😉 😛 It was definitely better than the Nokia meet and good to meet people again after months 😀

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