Bleeding in black …

Author’s thoughts: Over the past few days, after the gangrape of a young woman in New Delhi, the main issue being discussed (and rightly so) is the safety of women in the nation, especially the nation’s capital. It feels saddening to hear it, so I can’t even imagine what it’d be like for the victim. Calls for action are echoing, and I agree that it is high time they were heard. One of my friends, Riddhi, shared with me the photograph of a painting she did to express her sadness at the state of things. My mind was already filled with thoughts and discussions on this, and the painting further saddened my heart. The outlet for that was poetry, and this was what came about.


she lies alone, bleeding,
in the darkness… black –
black like a forlorn night,
black like fate, her plight,
hands up, trying to fight.

victim of a hateful attack,
she loved not this black,
that put fear in her eyes,
the tears hardest to dry,
pain, yet she cannot cry.

the nation is by her side,
willing her on to survive,
survive the red gashes,
those unwanted lashes
that left her dead alive.

does silence not speak?
answers she does seek,
why none came to aid?
can the memories fade?
when she wins her war.

she calls for a change,
for a nation now to rise,
to stop such atrocities,
bring safety to our lives,
silently she now tries,
to heal unwanted scars.

in the darkness… black,
she lies alone, bleeding;
with mirthful laughter,
somewhere far yet near,
vultures are still feeding.

Shared with Poetry Pantry, dVerse Open Link Night.

(’12, Dec 20)

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

36 thoughts on “Bleeding in black …”

  1. The painting makes me sad, it is done so brilliantly by your friend and when someone reads the words that follows thereafter, heart fills with ache. Expressions, like hands up, not this black, dead alive makes this read very emotional and heart wrenching. What she needs, we need that too…

    • It is a sad thing to happen also, Saru. I cannot imagine how much pain the victim is in. We need hope, and change, same like her; for the future of the country. Thanks.

    • That was a slight problem. I didn’t know how to, but then the painting helped put things into perspective perhaps. Thanks, Chhavi for liking the poem.

  2. Both the painting and poem are saddening. It is embarrassing that the criminal is also born out of a woman, somebody’ brother, somebody’s husband and worse, somebody’s father. The scars never heal, some pains never go away.

  3. Such crimes are shameful for our society and nation. It’s unbelievable to see man getting that wild! I can do nothing but can feel her pain, the disaster she faced and facing in that Black Threatening !!
    Common people can only make changes through protest and actions. If the same will be continued the humanity,women and lives would end up someday.

    Your voice through this poem will surely help readers to fight for the justice!

    • Unbelievable but true.. wish they control their wildness, or take it out on a wall instead of other innocent people. I hope such incidents cease to exist soon. It’s a disaster for the nation as well as the victim. Thanks, Sims.

  4. What a tragedy for the young girl, and how sad that she lay bleeding in the darkness. Your poem expresses this event vividly, as does the painting. I hope justice will be done, the young girl will heal (bodily and mentally), and that change will take place somehow in society and the minds of men.

  5. Indeed a despicable act that puts the entire country to shame. If our men still think that women should not go wherever they wish to, how progressive are we, as a nation? The revolting incident puts into perspective our claims of development. Infrastructural growth alone doesn’t define a nation; its society does.

    I am with you in your prayers that all the victim’s scars may heal soon. May she able to face the rest of her life with her head held high, with courage and confidence.

    Wonderful poem and the painting complements it perfectly. I loved the last two lines which indicated that the threat has not been eradicated yet. Great work.

    • It is sad that it has happened. It is, as you say, a hindrance to our nation’s progress, and a perspective. As for society, that I think has alreadt taken too much time to change. It isn’t in such matters alone, even for some things, the opinions of society I find to be limiting, or too one-minded; as in it is their opinion or no opinion. It needs to change, and soon.

      I pray for the victim, and others like her who we know not of. It will take time to heal, but I think she is a fighter, from what I know of in the news. So I feel she will get through this, and those scars may heal.

      Glad you liked the poem, Zainab, and Riddhi’s painting too. The threat has not been eradicated, it definitely has not been.

  6. dang man, read about this…ugh, things that should never happen, but i hope tht since it did it awakens some people who would otherwise sit quiet on their hands to do something to change things…much like th tragedy here in our own country…

    • Yeah. To awaken is the hope, but it has been happening a lot. The people should already be awake, but they seem to be asleep awake. It’s time they moved for change, Brian, and for the sake of the victim and the future, I hope they do it soon.

  7. so much horror and sorrow in the world, sometimes too much to hold.. yet if we do not open our hearts to let the black in the light within will not be awakened to reach out compassionately.

    • We have to see the light. Indeed. The times however feel too dark that no light can be found unless we search hard and true. I hope the search for light bears fruit, and the voice for change and hope is heard as well. Thanks, Laura.

  8. Your words are heartfelt and the painting,even more tragic ~
    I read the news with sadness but also with hope that more actions and policies should be done ~ I salute the brave women and men who are hearing and doing things for a change ~

    • I read the news in the same way, Grace. Salutations to the people who are speaking up, and I pray the ears that need to hear it do find it soon, Grace. Thanks.

  9. I spent Christmas eve with Indian friends and we discussed this. It is amazing that so many crowds are rising up. They want to hang those men (and I am sympathetic). But riots and crowds in India are also part of her curse. The crowd mentality is almost as horrible as the event itself. I think there must be more behind this than is apparent.

    What do you think? (Oooops, I see you don’t have the option to follow comments activated — instead, below the comment box is only the option to follow each post — may I suggest you turn that off (leave it for your right column) and turn on the option to follow comments). I probably won’t remember to come back and see your thoughts otherwise. Just a thought.

    • I am actually painfully aware of the unruly crowds part. It is a curse, but to be quite honest, I think it is not part of the entire crowd. There is a peaceful protest going on, one hooligan (not part of the peaceful protest) just does something to completely upset the applecart and things fireball after that. Same thing happened with this protest too, and I agree that after the fireballing of the entire peaceful protest, the mentality became as horrible as the rape itself.

      Ah. I think that the second part is a curse to my account quite possibly. Every time I activate that follow comments option, my followers aren’t able to uncheck the box when they don’t want to check back for my thoughts to their comment. So they end up getting quite a few unwanted mails for each person commenting. And I end up getting the same asking me to remove the option. Hence the feature I’ve kept turned off. Sorry, Sabio.

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