lone candle – its light conquers the darkest night Author’s thoughts: I chanced upon a haiku at Vaishali Jain’s Cosmuse blog, where she asks, does a heart which has longed for care for 9 years still keep hope. I think to have survived 9 years, that heart surely had at least one heart (candle) giving … Read more


little drops of rain remain unseen in the pond – shine on lotus leaf ~*~ plain words when put in perspective – come alive Author’s thoughts: Trying to say the same thing with both of the haiku. Linked with Haiku Heights, d’Verse Poets and Haiku My Heart. (July 20th, 2012)

In memoriam and in tribute

Pride of a family, blessing to prayers, Accepted by all, to their lives one day; Brought up with many expectations, airs, Perfect in few eyes, in each little way. Choices not easy, did double the pride, Freedom for freedom, happily ceded; One mother for another – sacrificed, To defend his nation, he proceeded. Selflessly he … Read more