trust – lies broken; like my life that you took away; abused. The poetry form is the Elfje, which originated in The Netherlands. It is a poem with eleven words spread over five lines. More details on the poem’s specific structure here. (June 22nd, 2012)


DS is the one with whom I share just a passion for sport. We talk a lot on cricket, we both don’t like the IPL, he knows a lot of soccer (though he gets stuck in time at times). I’d asked him for a guest post here long back, but he kept postponing since I don’t write sport on my blog. Two days back, he just shared 4 lines of Hindi poetry with me, and asked to put it on my Hindi poetry blog. I think I’d rather put it here. It’s short, but very beautiful, and today, I really do feel that verse. I also translate it for general benefit.

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