Welcome flood?

little drops of joy in river of emotions; is a flood welcome? Translated to French by Claude Lopez-Ginisty. Thank you 🙂 Petites gouttes de joie dans une rivière d’émotions; une inondation est-elle bienvenue? The poetic form involved here is a Senryu. Senryu is Japanese haikai form. It’s similar to the haiku, but the association here … Read more

After all…

Tomorrow is another day All worries let us now forget Once on today the sun has set For a clear direction let’s pray With obstacles out of our way Let us toast tonight, glass of wine Be merry, till midnight lets dine As sun light falls on morning dew Let watery stars inspire you Believe … Read more


The love you gave, I felt alive, Showing a way for hopes to thrive; Can someone ever take your place? My joyous heart, that with you stays; can they revive? Time to say goodbye, tears in vain, One last time under heaven’s rain; No one can find your eyes but me, Of earthly bonds you … Read more