Between the Lips…

The nom-de-plume Someone is Special is already quite famous, I think. Saravana, my friend and the guy behind that nom-de-plume is a very talented writer, who specializes in romantic posts. He’s one who encourages a lot, and at times exaggerates on my writing skills too! When I decided to start asking friends to give guest posts, he was one of the first people I requested. I knew he wouldn’t say no!

Dream, and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true. I had to wait for 22 years for India to win the World Cup.” Golden words of Sachin Tendulkar.

One of my dreams is to write a guest post for Leo and after almost two years of blogging the dream came true on 11/30/11 when Leo offered me an opportunity to write in his blog. This is what he said, “If it would be possible for you to take some time off your busy schedule and write a post, I’d be delighted to have you do a guest post on my little blog space

This is what I replied him, “I had a question in my mind for a long time. Will I get a chance to write in his beautiful blog or is it only for beautiful writers? Today I am happy because I am getting a chance to write in his beautiful blog. I will mail you a write-up asap.” But… but… but due to several unavoidable reasons, I missed the chance ;-( He once again reminded me about the guest post he had asked for and this time I don’t want to miss the chance.

Here is a romantic post from my pen… (PS: He had asked for a romantic story or romantic poem).

60… 59… 58……3…2….1… yay… It is March 28th… Happy Birthday Sweetheart…’ my dream girl whispers in my ears…

‘Thank you dream girl!’ I say with a sweet smile.
So… You are 25 now…’ she blushes!
’25! Nah, I am still sweet sixteen dear.’ I say to her.

Sad 🙂 I thought of kissing you 25 times! Now I’ve to reduce 16, sad…’ she whispers in my ears. I blink, she asks, ‘What say?’

Actually No, I am 16 for the past nine years, so 16 * 9 = 144 kisses dear’ I whisper in her eyes.

‘Greedy boy! Aren’t you?’ she questions and I smile and say, ‘Am I or U?’

‘Well….’ she thinks, and I seal her lips!
‘Aw, stop! I’ve a doubt. Is it a chewing gum?’ she questions in the midway.
‘Honey!’ I say, and she seals my lip this time.
Hey… why not a poem on KISS…?’ she requests when we are kissing.
How on earth I can say No?’ I question and she requests, ‘recite please…

Hey, it is time to write a poem with lip,
And it starts from the bottom of the hip!
Following the beautiful path of nature,
I find cups to quench my desire!

Hey, the sweet curve on your face,
Can put Barbie dolls smile to shame!
And it is sweeter than mountain honey
How much ever I chew it, it’s still honey!

Hey, those wet black glistening grapes,
Reflects the heavy love as it takes!
And screams aloud to be loved,
Oh yeah, it has to be loved & loved!

Hey, the triangle and question mark,
Always puzzles me even in the dark!
Can a plastic surgeon rival God?
No never!’ I say, my kissing God!

Hey, I knew this is a clear sign of love,
But lust is a part of true love!
And it is a journey from the toe tip to the lips
Yes, it is a poem written between the lips!

Thanks Leo!

Oh by the way, it ACTUALLY IS Saravana’s birthday today! 😉 Do wish him along with your compliments/comments for the post!
Happy birthday, bro! And hope you have a wonderful day and year ahead!

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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