How fickle this muse is at times,
I’ve to chide her to come out,
To inspire my every inspiration,
Be the voice behind each shout.
To leave a place where I’m set,
And find new spaces to write,
These travels are always tiring,
Against my heartbeats, to fight
I have forgotten my frustrations,
At her cajoling, stubborn mind,
And done her ways for writing,
What thoughts I once did find,
As I look onward, I am unsure,
If these travels will come again,
But she seems at home here,
As are my happiness and pain

To get back to writing, I left WordPress for Blogspot recently, in August, and then returned back here for a longer stay this December. One of the more fixed memories of the year I suppose.

I hope for a better year,
for a very dear friend;
who on road to happiness,
found despair in the end.
Misled from the beginning,
her dream life got worse,
she left with only tears,
no blessings but a curse.
Sensitive but well loved,
I hope she gets through;
dear friend, know this,
many hearts care for you.
This verse you can’t read,
but I know you can hear,
our friendship is always,
treasured, and very dear.

My best friend got married in April, and I had felt her joy and delight every time I used to pull her leg, call her auntie etc. Recently, she filed for separation from her husband. She’s very sensitive to sorrows, and I’ve been helping her to try and get back up emotionally. I pray she gets the strength to return to the wonderful, fun-loving girl I know her to be.

Inspired by a thought
Muse travels in parts with joy
And a poem is knit

I collaborated with Lady Nimue in March as we corresponded through mails to write the poem As It Will Be. It is memorable to me, because it is the first time I collaborated with another writer without knowing where the poem is headed. It was a delightful little project.

I took out my pencil from the box and wrote the first word.

The muse was in good mood today, and the sentences formed quickly.

Then I stopped, erased it all out; started again.

“What’s wrong? That was good, you fool”, snapped my offended muse.

“Dammit, writing in 55 words isn’t easy”, I snapped back.

May is memorable to me because it was the first time I tried writing Flash 55 fiction, inspired by the writers at G-man’s Friday meme. I’d written lengthy fictions before, so limiting the story to 55 words without losing the zest in the writing was very challenging for me.

For Lady Nimue‘s Months Challenge – March, April, May and August.

(’11. dec 31.)

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

22 thoughts on “Travels..”

  1. That’s how most of the people life is Leo.. I wish a wonderful year 2012.. and I am really sad to hear about your friend, let her smile in this year, let her life be colorful this year.. I wish her all happiness and convey my wishes to everyone in your family.. Happy New Year.. Yours bro.. Someone is Special

    • I pray she gets a lot of smiles and colors too, Saravana 🙂 Wish you a wonderful 2012 too, and the same to your family as well.

  2. Hi Vinay,

    I ‘m very elated and touched after reading the second poem. I wish the same for her! “::)

    And yes, first comment of the new year is mine. Happy new year and have a wonderful year ahead! 🙂

    • Yes, first comment of the new year to you, Rosie 😀 I wish our wishes for her come true and she smiles a lot this year! Thank you 🙂

  3. Leo…
    You’ve been a friend and supporter over this past year, and for that I’m much obliged, hopefully I’ll see more of you for 2012.
    Happy New Year My Friend…G

    • I intend to be around more in this year, hopefully every alternate Friday atleast, G-Man 🙂 Thank you for your support as ever! Happy New Year! 😀

  4. That was a 55er unlike others I have read. 🙂
    A Happy New Year to you and wish you truckloads of happiness. Keep writing as wonderfully as you always do.

  5. The poem was beautiful. your best friend is really lucky to have a caring friend like you 🙂 i hope she gets all the happiness she deserves this year 🙂
    and yeah, Happy New Year 2012 to you(though there is nothing happy abt it :P) and you family and friends 🙂

    • I hope she does, Kirti 🙂 She does deserve a lot of it, and more. Happy New Year to you.. Enjoy the year, even the exams 😛 😀

  6. Beautiful Beautiful posts!

    I don believe in god but I do wish with all my heart that may your friend get all the strength and support in her life to be her usual jovial self again.. Hope things ll be better for her soon!

    Take Care..

  7. Your muse is very kind to you always…loves you and I guess have never left you…:)

    Unlike me, she always leaves me…:( I feel sad for your friend…may she be able to pick up the pieces through your moral support!
    Friends are friends and thats what it should always be!

    • Oh it leaves me at times, sometimes stays for long. I guess it doesn’t like full energy spending on it, Amity. Cheers. I also hope she bounces back soon 🙂

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