A Poetic World…

I wonder if the world as a whole, is poetic. In each one of us, I believe, lies dormant, a poet. If the world was a poem, could I, being a poet, write it in any way I wanted to?

The poem, written in “Free verse”, for the twelve words given by Brenda at The Sunday Whirl wordle, for Poet’s Rally Week 48 and One Shot, both of which begin on Wednesday, and for Poetry Potluck’s 43rd week where the theme is Life in free verse… I’ll be on a break from writing this week, so as to read more.

Last night I had a dream;
Nay, a whim;
What if the world were a poem
And I, its poet;
Could I resist the thought?
To defy logic:
To make rivers flutter,
And butterflies flow;
To make bees gallop,
And horses fly a buzz;
Ah, this twisted mind,
It comes to life in moments,
Instincts take over; and I
Prepare to change the world
As I’ve known it;
Only to realize,
The world is indeed, a poem;
And I, its poet;
And in my ink drops lie,
Its most beautiful worlds.

© Leo 11/July/2011

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

174 thoughts on “A Poetic World…”

  1. I love it. We can as writers and poets mold the world into what we wish it to be, what we imagine it is, or we percieve it once was. We can even weave a story from all three. Our boundaries are none!
    Nicely done, poet friend!

  2. Took several reads to really grab onto the flow of the poem, but after taking some time, it was wonderful. There is a certain naivete to the poem the reflects as innocence at times only to come roaring back as wisdom at other points in the poem. Overall I thought the form worked very well with the expansive theme you chose to write about. Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks for reading it over to get the flow, Carribean Fool. Glad you liked it, and the free verse form I chose to put along my thoughts in. Cheers 🙂

  3. The world is indeed a poem and you are one of the best poet
    who could use your quill to show that it is real…
    It may defy logic, but see, I find a galloping horse could also buzz
    and its beautiful to see rivers flutter while i enjoy seeing butterflies flow!
    Lovely aren’t they?

    I enjoyed this free verse poem Leo, indeed it is so beautiful!

  4. Very interesting.. Idle thoughts meander through a rather fanciful imagination and eventually find their way to wisdom.. 🙂 🙂 A lovely read, as always..

  5. Excellent thought and use of words. We do indeed make meaning of what passes. We all do. Only some stop to consider it though.

  6. I agree with you, Leo, that the world is a poem. Have you ever read J.R.R. Tolkien’s SILMARILLION? It is a history of Middle Earth and has the most wonderful and moving allegory of the creation; that it was a song sung by the Creator and the heavenly host. Then, so the host could see it, it was played out over our centuries. So beautiful.

    • Nope. I’ve not read much of Tolkien at all actually, Donna 🙂 And I do hope the world plays to our tune a lot. Thanks!

  7. When your words roar like a river,
    and skydive from a plane,
    then a poem lies within you,
    ready to fall like rain.

    Excellent poem from a powerful imagination.

  8. As I read through, the pictures jumped to life. Stunning!
    I used to have this wild imagination at times and I need to shake myself up to ensure that I wont be doing strange things.

    • Glad you could visualize, Clariice! 🙂 An imagination is best when wild at times. Some restraint of course is needed 😉

    • Ah, what does it matter if it is six or twelve 🙂 The final poem is what matters, and I’m glad you loved that! Thanks, thisgirlremembers. 😉

  9. Lovely… and sweetly romantic! Yes, this world’s quite a poem.. and we, its poets, seeing it in our own varied ways… and isn’t that simply amazing!!

    • Don’t think I meant it to be romantic, Kavi 🙂 but glad you liked it and yes, it is quite amazing from a poetic perspective always 😉

  10. Interesting blog, and the idea that the world is a poem is truly a poetic imagination. I ‘ll read through the rest of your poems, enjoy and let you know.

  11. “Could I resist the thought to defy logic?” – so much is asked in this one question. As a girl with an Alice in Wonderland obsession, this poem immediately brought thoughts of this story. Does everyone not wish they had the ability to make the world just as they perceive it? Very charming and enchanting poem with an effective ending.

    • Yes, we all do want the world to be the way we imagine it to be, Fountains. If only we could 😉 But then again, the world will only be ours, and not everyone else’s so maybe its better that our world remains with us, and shared in words than in reality 🙂 Thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  12. oh!! another easy breezy writing!! but it definitely has something to say… really, i’m getting a lot of lessons from all the poems i’m reading.. Yours certainly included! 🙂 thanks for sharing this!

    • Easy breezy writing? 😮 Thanks for finding it so 🙂 I did put a little more thought into it than I do usually, and I’m glad that you enjoyed your visit here, Jena Mae 🙂

  13. It speaks volumes in only a few lines of verse.
    The world is poetry, but at the same time the outer world is dependent on the inner world of the individual, the poet. For it is the world within that produces the world without. The poet’s inner world is reflected in the outer world. I felt as though I was being touched by philosophical wisdom when I read it.

    • Yes, very true, Tickly Turtle. Your words in reply to mine are quite wonderful in itself, and I’m glad you could see what I was trying to show too 🙂 Thanks very much.

  14. Dear Leo

    Very beautifully said… and yes I agree with you… that you make your world… with the beauty of your soul….
    I liked the following lines…

    ‘Instincts take over; and I
    Prepare to change the world
    As I’ve known it;;

    Thanks for joining in the Poetry Potluck WK 43, which I am hosting for the first time, this week. Hope you have enjoyed it and I look forward to seeing you next week too with your lovely poetry…

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

    • Week one seems to have gone just fine, dear Shashi. I enjoyed it. Thanks for liking my poetry and good luck for further Potlucks 🙂

  15. oh you should see me smile…i just loved the thought more and more with every single line…and then the sum-up…yes it is..and i dip my pen with you deep into that ink pot…and make the world a better place..

  16. A unique and I think true way of looking at it. We do make and unmake a very real part of our own words with poetry, or any art. Nice job with some challenging prompt words.

  17. Your words made me smile this morning…
    ‘The world is indeed, a poem;
    And I, its poet;
    And in my ink drops lie,
    Its most beautiful worlds.’


    • I feel it is true somehow, Shail 🙂 Life is like a poem after all, no reason the world in our life should be non-poetic!

  18. Lovely words specially the last lines. If we allow ourselves to see the world differently, we can all be poets. Nice to meet you ~

  19. YES! Yes I say. These words capture the spirit of the poet, the soul of a human trying in enthusiastic waves to bottle the poetry of life! To bottle it, I say, to contain it on a sheet of paper or a computer screen, so that others may see the beauty, whether they be trapped in a cell or a small town. YES

  20. We only place boundaries on ourselfves … and what is reality and what is illusion?
    I like the defiance in:

    To make rivers flutter,
    And butterflies flow;
    To make bees gallop,
    And horses fly a buzz;


  21. Wow, I never thought of poetry in this sort of perspective before, an ingenious write that’s complex but you crafted to be ingested so easily…

  22. OMG! this is so strong! nice flow! i love it! not only how you wrote but also the ideal behind it! 2 thumbs up! and oh btw the last 4 lines nailed it for me! damn! what an awesome piece! this is by far my favorite in all the entries so far.

    The world is indeed, a poem;
    And I, its poet;
    And in my ink drops lie,
    Its most beautiful worlds.
    – this nailed it!

  23. Leo, I loved the reversal of butterflies, bees, horses, and rivers – all with alternate activities. This was a fine, fine moment for me, reading this aloud, as I do all poems. I was smiling throughout. Reminded me a bit of, “All the world’s a stage…” but not in a way that implies copying the Bard. More a universal thought. This is a mind-expanding poem, and I’m grateful you shared it. Enjoy your break, babe.


    • I’m glad you liked it so much, Amy. 🙂 Thanks very much. I don’t think I can write like the Bard. Still not, and maybe a long long long time before I reach that level. 😉

  24. Amongst all of the species that inhabit this earth, we humans are(as far as we know) the only ones gifted with the power of imagination. How powerful that makes us!! Loved this poem for its wistfulness.

  25. Leo, I liked your play with words: “rivers flutter” and “butterflies flow”. The world is a poem, beautiful and fun and alive. Thanks.


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