Sometimes, I can’t even understand myself. I thought I’ll write twice a week, yet my muse seems to have disappeared again. A post I wanted to put to words have remaind in my suffocated mind for a few days now, and I’m not even satisfied the way I am penning them down. I’ve considered and … Read more

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~Artful Escape~ & ~Sunny Side Up~

ARTFUL ESCAPE (Haiku) In poetry, born Deep music from still heartbeats An artful escape SUNNY SIDE UP (Tanaga) Eggs, sunny side down, but two Toast, burnt from unsaid adieu In place still, in voids that speak Memories, thoughts I still seek FORMS INVOLVED: HAIKU and TANAGA. The traditional Haiku is a form of poetry that … Read more

Leaving Half Way

Well, this isn’t the L post for A to Z that I had planned. Nor a post that I thought I would write this or any month. I’m always enthusiastic and passionate about my blogging and writing, and try to write as often as I can, daily if my muse is generous. I had even … Read more

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