Sometimes, I can’t even understand myself. I thought I’ll write twice a week, yet my muse seems to have disappeared again. A post I wanted to put to words have remaind in my suffocated mind for a few days now, and I’m not even satisfied the way I am penning them down. I’ve considered and … Read more Confused

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~Artful Escape~ & ~Sunny Side Up~

ARTFUL ESCAPE (Haiku) In poetry, born Deep music from still heartbeats An artful escape SUNNY SIDE UP (Tanaga) Eggs, sunny side down, but two Toast, burnt from unsaid adieu In place still, in voids that speak Memories, thoughts I still seek FORMS INVOLVED: HAIKU and TANAGA. The traditional Haiku is a form of poetry that … Read more ~Artful Escape~ & ~Sunny Side Up~

The Raconteur and Summer Shackles

THE RACONTEUR (Haiku) In resonant voice Narrates his tales with gusto Village raconteur SUMMER SHACKLES (Sijo) Winter mist chilled mind’s wine for a minute, then eloped with the sun. If it would return forever to soothe, it sure would be helpful; To break these shackles that torrid summer has gifted me this year. FORMS INVOLVED: … Read more The Raconteur and Summer Shackles