A Search…

Palms closed Chants of devotion fill the mind Empty of sullen thoughts Search for peace now Begins Blank mind Throws out the gloom Joy found in His presence Spirituality embraced Peace reigns Written for Jingle Poetry, Peace, Spirituality and Relaxation Photograph from San Francisco Sentinel, found through Google Images

Truer Love

In the name of love Marvel of architecture Stood in all splendor Yet in the same name Graffiti defaces walls Which love is truer? Written for Haiku Heights, #28 – Splendor and One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry Photograph by Mohamed Yousuf of The Hindu Newspaper, found through Google Images


Zephyr yonder; Xeme watches, Very unsure; Tensed seeing Remorseless Quagmire play Ominously near; Meaningful lean, Kisses joyfully Inviting heights, Granted flight; Eager desire Clips bothering; Achievement! Written for One Single Impression, #152 – Quagmire One Shot Wednesday, at One Stop Poetry Image Source: HERE through Google Images