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The clock’s tick was very quick. There were parties all over the town, waiting to welcome New Year. There was food, drink and dancing. All the monuments and places which thronged with tourists were lit up by lights and from the roof tops, the firecrackers were ready to light up the night sky with colors. When the clock tower struck the first gong of midnight, the celebrations began. It was a new year. People recited their wishes and made resolutions that would never be kept. I was nowhere nearby.

Love was in the air. Morning’s light on Valentine’s Day and I saw a pretty couple through my window, kissing. Sitting in their home on the branch of the tree outside, they were celebrating being love birds. The cafés were booked, the park benches were occupied and every couple who walked past me that day were holding hands, the look in their eyes filled with passion. There was a queue to get in to the shops which sold greeting cards, and the malls were doing the best business of the year. I was nowhere nearby.

There were colors everywhere. On every face, in every hand, the powdered color was to be seen. Holi had arrived and it brought with it a sense of excitement, an opportunity to get some color into an otherwise dull life. Even in offices which were working, the employees splattered their faces with a streak of color to announce the festival. I was nowhere nearby.

Independence Day was on the horizon. Most shops had flags of various sizes, badges and armbands in the Indian tricolor. All over the country, preparations for celebrating it grandly were underway. School children were practicing their dance steps, their marches and other routines; and teachers were busy ordering chocolates and sweets to distribute to the kids. When the day finally came, the celebrations got underway with much gusto. The whole nation seemed one. I was nowhere nearby.

Days passed, the festival of lights came. There was an aura of divinity all over the country. People were busy getting ready, buying new clothes and fineries, diyas and firecrackers. Schools were shut and children were happily playing on the streets. Sounds of joy filled the air as the celebrations over five days got underway. The night sky was lit up by colors and the houses had diyas in front of them. I was nowhere nearby.

The church was decorated from ceiling to floor, a choir sang carols galore. There wasn’t a spare seat in the chapel as the priest read from the Holy Bible. There were hurrahs to mark the moment the clock struck midnight to announce Christmas. There was the smell of cakes in the air, and fine wine… kids were opening the gifts that were left under the tree by Santa Claus. The atmosphere of celebration was fervent. I was nowhere nearby.

Every festival is an occasion for the families to unite, for slipping bonds to be strengthened and to just celebrate being a family, sharing love and having fun. For me, each day with my family is a celebration. I know they’re there for me, and I’m there for them. During the festival times, I think of those who don’t have a family, who are remembered on these occasions by very few, perhaps by just sponsoring their meals or giving them a new dress. Only a temporary gesture and they’re not remembered again. Orphanages and old age homes, do the colors, the love, the light go there? No, not very often… so I go there, to celebrate with them. I watch them celebrate their childhood, or watch them be nostalgic about their childhood. I become part of their family.

Festivals may celebrate many things… family, unity, birth, death, harvest or love… Me? I celebrate life.

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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

54 thoughts on “Celebrations”

  1. U said u dint have anything to write. But when i saw the comments section of BAT, I thought u wrote a poem/story. I came to ur blog expecting a longgg (I mean it) story!
    But am disappointed that i couldn’t find any and instead found a gist on all the celebrations! Though it was different from others, i couldn’t find LEO here! 🙁

  2. I like the thought of your take Leo…true and well said! Let us celebrate life and celebrate the reason why we are here…:-) And let us celebrate with the less privileged and the less fortunate and we will surely give happiness to their sad state!

    All the best! 🙂

    • When you get over a hundred comments on a regular basis on your posts, consider yourself a BRAND. So if you don’t live up to that brand image, as Kshitij says, then its time for you to rethink….

    • oh, 100 comments on a regular basis means I’m reading a lot of blogs too, Rumz, but it doesn’t brand me… I accept that my readers expect more of me, but I’m not rethinking any story because it doesn’t sound or read “Leo-ish”…

  3. Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeo,
    I expected a poem and surprise surprise, I found a prose.
    And Voila! wat a post it was.
    I am really really glad .
    I was looking around for something and I found it in your blog.
    Yes we must celebrate life, that in itself is a great blessing for us 🙂

    Cheers buddy
    Keep Rocking!!

  4. wow this post reminds me of days of celebrations with Akanksha…the best Christmas i ever had was the one with Sadhana Children in 2008:)

    I would say its definitely good to celebrate with family 🙂 but its the best to celebrate with those little hearts who accept us as their family for a while 🙂

    yyour celebration brought to me a special smile..thanks for that Leo..!!!

    All the best 🙂
    Here is my celebration:
    Ms. Meduri- Celebrations

  5. An entire journey of celebration starting from the start of the year to the culmination of Santa’s farewell, all religions united, the entire universe celebrated with mirth and devotion. Wonderfully narrated and a picturesque portrayal of the colours to welcome and celebrate life. All the best. Would love to get your feedback for my take on the topic.

  6. Worth reading your post and the way you compiled all the festivals[celebrations] in a single post and end up with a must read message.All the best for BAT.

  7. a complete cycle of festive celebrations….n den ending it the celebration of life…a brilliant take on the topic with a noble touch…loved it…

  8. Beyond the sheer brilliance of the last line, which for most of us will have very high recall value, really enjoyed the eclectic yet philosophical take on the topic.
    Was sort of reminded of Tolstoy when he had said “every happy family is happy in the same way,each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”.
    All the best for BATOM

  9. at the end of the post, there’s only one real phrase that i remember and that’s the phrase: families celebrate to renew ‘slipping bonds’.. i think that phrase was a revelation to me and when i read it it made me feel like it was a truth that i hadn’t thought of before.. the post is beautiful, as always well thought out and careful and prepared. all the best leo!

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