Soul Died

With a kiss,
Life started.
Mom’s lips
My forehead,
As I opened
My drooping
Eyes, light
Entering my
New world.

Little dolls
Attired in
Purple, my
Of childhood,
Dressed in
Glossy lips,
Extracted by
Hands from
Their home,
My cupboard.

Yet it was
Another kiss,
That plucked
My dreams;
Beneath the
Lone staircase,
Hands hooked
Behind; silent
In tears; gift
By my creator.

Lust for love,
A sick greed
For innocence;
His hands stole
My memories,
Now bittersweet,
Muddy & soiled;
Now all alone,
Left like gourd;
No essence,
My soul died.

For Big Tent Poetry – Wordle
For Monday Potluck – 7 Deadly Sins
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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

94 thoughts on “Soul Died”

  1. yes.. that other kiss if lustful rather than a father’s affection can scar the child, forever!
    sad poem, friend!

  2. Could feel the happy beginnings which ended with abuse. Very nicely explained in the poem, the most touching lines being,

    “Hands hooked
    Behind; silent
    In tears; gift
    By my creator.”

    and softness in these lines could be truly felt,

    “Mom’s lips
    My forehead,
    As I opened
    My drooping
    Eyes, light
    Entering my
    New world.” 🙂

  3. This starts out so beautifully, as life does, I like to think, for most of us… and as for too many of us, it turns sad, even horrible – the image gives a lot away, but not more than the word-images. Well-crafted, the story and poem.

    • I thought to put the image at the end at first, but then again, the staircase near the staircase felt right! I don’t think it gives too much away, Ruth.. glad you liked how I crafted it! 🙂

  4. Leo..this one is truly special..!!

    I am confused whether to smile for have read such a wonderful poem or to cry for the pain between the lines..!!

    I wish there shall be a day when this pain is buried with the sands of time..!!!

  5. Leo, the same thing happened to me. God love you, this is the strongest take on the Wordle I’ve read – and the most compelling. Your courage means your gourd is fuller than you may know.

    I will definitely return to your blog. Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore

    • Amy, I’m really sorry to hear that. Being a guy, I don’t think I can go into that mind set completely..
      Good to hear you find my take on the Wordle compelling! indeed a full gourd is indicative of courage!

      Please feel free to return anytime 🙂 My blog is always open to readers!

  6. Leo, this poem really shifted from its wonderful childhood reminiscence until the tragic sad end of this poem. There are monsters in this world, but thankfully there can also be rebirth.

  7. Leo,
    this is probably the most jolting poem I have read till date.
    How you take the reader from the beautiful phase of innocent childhood to the end of it. The pathos of the victim also comes through..Hats off Man!

  8. Absolutely stirring Leo…The words well chosen and divine. You are truly a blessed writer. I am adding you to my “Awesome Writers Worth Reading” list.
    One thing I have come to learn about life…memories only bind a person if the person allows them to. And to allow one such as this to bind a person only gives a monster a piece of an innocent soul. Sometimes the best rebellion is not to be rebellious toward society but to be normal and emerge from the pain as a phoenix from the fire. We control our own destinies regardless of the past…the tragedy is that monsters can and will do what they can get away with. All that can be done is to take a stand and a solemn vowel that is : Not this day…they will not take anything away again.

    • hi 2ZP, thanks for that awesome compliment, and for adding me to your blogroll list 🙂
      yes, true what u say, only if the person allows, do the memories bind. I agree that that route, being normal and returning like a phoenix, would be the best option but such a victim would find it difficult. It’s possible, if that heart is given the right encouragement and morale boost. Monsters like that do get away with it, a tragedy for sure.. and I think that stand is a good idea.. many cases have come to light of course, but many aren’t strong willed yet.. Maybe one day, the world will be free of that crime!

  9. the beginning is so sweet, and the ending, so painfully surreal. i would like to think that if the memory of the beginning is still there at the end, there is hope for healing. strong poem!

  10. Not sure if my first comment went through, but I wanted to thank you for directing me to your blog. You captured the essence of a horrible corrosion of childhood.

  11. Heartbreaking…totally heartbreaking…and so very well written. The birth of innocence and the death of it by perversion. Sadly, this happens way too often…

  12. It’s difficult for me to read a poem like this and not feel what’s been written. I think your poem is very successful in showing sin as it really is…dark and nasty. 🙂

  13. Wow. What an amazing poem. The absolute contrast between the beginning and the end make the poem, the emotions even that much stronger. Such a sad tale, but yes, unfortunately one that happens much too often. Very very powerful words. Thank you.

  14. Eerily dark, I must say!! That greed for more eventually gets one nowhere I suppose.. nicely penned, Leo…as ever!
    PERFECT for the potluck theme! Awesome!

  15. “Now all alone,
    Left like gourd;
    No essence,
    My soul died.”

    these are haunting words… the message is sad and dark but it truly is a beautiful piece from you. well done, leo!

  16. I hate the thought! 🙁

    I hate these heartless people, I pity those abused. Thank God, I never experienced such violence n abuse… Thank God I live in a world sans those incidences and thank God my kids live in a beautiful home, unlike the one in your poem! 🙁

    • I hate that thought too, Amity…

      yeah.. lots of heartless people, abusing their own kith n kin. you live in a world with those incidences, but thankfully, your home is free of them, happy n beautiful..!

  17. Leo, this is a beautiful poem that stopped my heart. The short lines really worked with this; made it feel fractured, especially the very sad but powerful ending.

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