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It has been ages since I started blogging, and I’ve met quite a few of my blogpals before, but time/work constraints put a damper on such meetings often. I’d not met many friends who I knew to be in the city, read their blogs and they’d read mine, we’d even competed against and with each other and even had their cellphone numbers. I’d suggested to one of them, the death curse gal and my BPL teammate Avada Kedavra that we meet up sometime soon (she still says I owe her a treat, but I don’t know for what though!! ;)) We’d planned to meet, with her telling she’ll get Nethra to come too, when the Indibloggers decided to have a meet in the city. It was to be at Indian Institute of Management, with a bus to take us there from the central area of Bangalore. However, due to other events happening at that location, they decided to change the venue to a central location, The Fortune Park JP Celestial Hotel. The meet day got off to an indifferent start, when I called the hotel for asking directions to it, and the help there told they’re busy and to call back later. Thankfully, I called up Anoop who gave me easy landmarks to identify and reach there fifteen minutes ahead of the start time, along with Shravan who came near my home and accompanied me there. It was the first time I met the “Template Thampi”, he & I have been friends for a while now!

After a routine security check, the two of us went to the seventh floor of the building, where the meet was being held. The dark tunnel to the hall was a nice touch, and we were met at the other side by Vineeth Rajan who welcomed us and directed us to Rashmi and Diana who were assisting with the registrations. The formalities done, we took our seats. Shravan didn’t know anyone there, and neither did I as yet. It was nice when the guy next to us introduced himself, and it turned out to be Rajesh, a master photographer whose blog I’d visited many times through ABC Wednesday meme. He recognized me when I told I was Leo, and we had a little chat before Dexius(Avada) joined us. Yet another first time meet, and she looked good. I thought I’d seen her somewhere before, but I can’t quite place where, or who she looks similar to 😉 Nethra joined us soon, and it was good meeting her. The meet hadn’t yet started, and already I’d seen 4 friends. Rachna was the next person we spotted, but before we could call her, she went to the back and sat with her husband(we came to know this only later). Then the India known blogger walked in, and well, even before we could call him, the Indiblogger people and others greeted him. Shows how popular Tavish is..! 😉 along with him was Hitesh Rawat. I’d spotted Saraswathan sir also, but wasn’t sure it was him.

After a quick introduction of the Indiblogger team, and the owner of the hotel, Varun, announcing unlimited booze for Rs.550, it was time for the 30 seconds of fame, where each of us had to introduce ourselves. The best intros would get a prize from HP. Some talked for less than 30 seconds, many for more, introducing their professions and talents n what not! 😀 This segment also made me realized I suck at speaking in front of large audiences, because I ranted on till I realized I was boring myself, and handed the mic over to Avada next to me 😛 (Lord, if I’d a bit more firmness instead of stammering, I might have walked away with a printer!! ;)) The introductions showed a wide arc of bloggers there.. as young as 14 and as old as 62 🙂 from poets to technical bloggers, from software engineers to social workers! It was amazing seeing over 275 bloggers there, though the intro segment went on for a bit longer than it needed to! The printers went to Harsha Chittar, Saraswathan and Aparna, all three of whom I knew! There were a few more who won, but I don’t remember their names now(pardon me!). The intros concluded, the HP people explained why they were gifting the printers, and what was the features in the printer! I missed quite a bit of this part, the sound and heat getting to me and giving me a headache! In between, I met another pal, Anil Sawan! It was fun! The intro and further intro done, it was time to interact, as we went through the room, meeting people and getting their comments/thoughts on a banner behind our back! I talked to Rachna, Saraswathan sir, then Muddassir, Hitesh, Amit, Harsha, there was Swetha Tiwary who I knew by name(through Blog-A-Ton), of course, my former WL teammate Aparna Lanka, the bossman of the BPL, Lakshmi Rajan aka LR, Pujitha who I’d read during BPL(I knew the name was familiar, but realized I’d not commented for your Gaia’s Lament later on).

Time to hog the food then(as Avada put it), and we proceeded there. I had sandwiches only(PS: Avada, I’m NOT on diet). Tavish and I went and introduced ourselves to Rachna’s hubby and then we all sat talking, and taking pictures.(Damn, I’m not photogenic!! ;)) I was quite tempted to grab Aparna’s printer and go off, since she’d kept it unattended and gone for hogging the food 😉 The meet went on with Anwin(I think it was him) telling about mobile blogging. Then there was a session about Civil Defence and what it does, another session of gifts for the best Bangalore photos! Saras sir got another gift for being the eldest/goldest blogger! I think this will be a meet he’ll not forget for many reasons! 😀 The forum session debated whether or not topics not related to blogging directly should be allowed in the Indiblogger forum. I think it will be allowed, with suitable guidelines as decided by the Indipolice team.

The meet concluded, it was time to head home. We collected our T-shirts from Rashmi & Diana, said our goodbyes to friends, and went on our way. It was an eventful day for me, and I hope there is another Bangalore Indimeet quite soon! Maybe next time, I’ll meet Raksha, Saravana, Zainab, Dhiman and Hasna who weren’t there this time!

PS: If I’ve missed anyone’s name after meeting n talking, its purely by accident, do tell me!

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

30 thoughts on “The Indimeet”

  1. Heyyy!!!

    It was so nice of you to put up your experience about the Indimeet. You know i was never so excited about this kind of meets, assuming they are for all big people. But the description you have given makes me feel so bad that I missed it. Will definitely try next time.

    And Extra Thanks for not keeping me in the forgotten list. I was so surprised to see my name 🙂

    That really made my day for sure.

    • yeah, for sure you should join in, Zainab 🙂 who’s big and small in blogging? 😀 all do it for sharing their thoughts right? there were even people who’d just started a blog the previous day..!

      nah, I thought u’d all be there 🙂 ur not forgotten n all..

  2. hey leo.. you cant hide from us.. come on, reveal the secrets that you just tasted the food and threw the rest into the bin 😛 Nice detailed review, and you remembered the names of sooo many bloggers!! kudos to you!! 🙂

  3. That’s one gooood detailed description of the Indimeet!! 😀
    Sounds quite interesting and I’ll make sure to go the next time they have it in Mumbai!!
    I hardly knew anyone the last time they had it here. 😛 But not anymore!! 😀

    Where are the pictures??!! 😀 I’ve yet to see one 😛

    I’m surprised Leo, being in B’lore you had no idea of the venue. 😛 A big place like Fortune Park JP Celestial Hotel. Sounds quite an important place to me!! 😉
    I gather the news of the meet was all over the local papers. Great meet indeed!! 🙂

    About introducing yourself….its bound to be a bit lengthy if you have to cover at least some of your accomplishment naa?? 😉 And I don’t think you stammer 😛 Don’t exaggerate!! 😛

    Lastly btw, who does Ava remind you of? Now that you have had ample time to think…I have not seen Ava either. Pictures please!!! 😀 And there’s no such thing as “not being photogenic” IMO. 😛 🙂 Muster the courage laddie and put them up for less fortunate bloggers outside B’lore who could not make it. 🙂

    PS: Must say, that when you rant your humor streak is at its best. So keep ranting!! 😀 Excusez-moi for my monologue here 🙂

    Peace!! 😉

    • hey Tiggs 😛 the place is quite new, and its not that easy to find for a new person.. besides, it doesn’t hurt to get a better idea, but was surprised the hotel ppl would say they were busy.. 😛

      pictures? nah.. I look terrible 😛 no pics..
      Ava reminds me of someone.. an old classmate or something.. can’t place it yet..!

      ps: I was boring myself with that intro 😛 i just passed the mic to Ava quickly..!

    • Bravo!!! 😛 You know how to wriggle out of situations don’t you?? 😉
      And who is new to B’lore??!! * SHOCKED * You said YOU couldn’t find the place 😛 in the center of B’lore. Be adventurous and venture!! 😀 LOL 😀

      Awww 🙁 No pictures?? 🙁 Why haven’t the Indi people not done their thing? 🙁

      From the comments I see some of your good friends really missed the opportunity of being there. Kindly make sure you inform them when you get to know the details of the next meet. 😀
      Going strictly by seniority in blogging years 😉

      PS: Hope you like my new ranting space!! 😉 I’m lovin’ it!! 😀

      • I am 😛 and besides, the place ain’t that high key like IIM… the Google Maps also couldn’t give accurate location.. 😛
        Adventurous and venturous is ok for second and further meets.. first time meet, I wanted to be on time 😉
        No pictures 😛 I look absolutely terrible.. Indiblogger people couldn’t do anything to make me good, i’ve been terrible for long time..! 😉
        Ya, lots of friends missed the meet, and I hope to meet them next time..

        PS: No problems Tiggs.. 😛 But I thought you’d be book-ed today..

  4. That was a fun description of the indimeet in Bangaluru!!

    Read a few others but this has touched upon every detail
    which others had not covered.

    Made an interesting read with your first hand experience too.

    Enjoyed it greatly.

  5. Seems like I have missed a lot of secrets and a good discussion with you folks! It was indeed an awesome experience to meet so many bloggers under one roof. First time here I think… will be frequent going forward 🙂

    • hi Mohan 😀 welcome to my blog.. glad you liked it. and yeah, sort of.. we’re a group already.. old pals.. Ava, Tavish, Nethra etc 😉 it was a great time.. hope another comes really soon! 🙂

  6. Oye u toh made me into a complete celebrity hehehe… thanks!
    it was really nice meeting u there Leo… and I had a great time allot thanks to u, Nethra, Avada and Rachana who were one of the first to greet me! Hope to keep up with u in the real world too! 🙂


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