“Just one pill, my darling”, I said. The sun rays eased past her curvy silhouette as she slipped out from under the sheets. A smile curved on her lips as she nodded, padded across the room and into the bathroom. “Just one pill”, I said aloud, and smiled at the thought.

I was new into the business. An entrepreneur, I had invested a lot into it, and it became a success. And with that success, came new found rivals. I stood my ground well, fighting against the odds to keep his business afloat against the currents of the stock markets. My clients were happy and satisfied with the efforts. But all that ended when that stray pin punctured my business. Slowly, it began to sink. Clients took the blow seriously and abandoned the firm. I had to fight harder now.

An hour later, Teresa and I were at the Vanderlinden Enterprise Building. I gave her a kiss, and held it for a moment. She was the perfect woman. I knew she was the only one who could do it. As she walked into the premises, I could make out she was focused on the task at hand. In a few hours, the remedy would be complete. As I drove toward the highway, I realized I had missed something. A small possibility was still left. I stopped the car near a telephone kiosk and went to make the call.

“That business is a joke. I know he has not enough finance to hold his clients’ interests. Whoever is doing business with him must be fools”, he had said. It was his word against mine; unfortunately for me, he had more leverage in the business world. The medical industry had blossomed under his expertise, and he was a much respected person. That statement had started my fall.

I did what I could to try and survive, but he came everywhere. He meddled in my finances, stole my clients, and did whatever humanly possible to burn my business to the ground. I had to do something. He was very meticulous and I was looking for a needle in a haystack, but luck brought her my way. His secretary, Teresa Alderman… she ran into me when I was near the Vanderlinden Building, and recognizing who I was, poured her story out. He had had an eye on her for a long time, I knew. That night, he had caught her unawares and forced himself on her. She wanted to sue.

“Teresa, you have no witnesses. He’ll end up suing you for trying to malign his name. He deserves better”, I said to her and took her out to dinner instead. Later that night, as she and I lay in bed, making out in the moonlight coming through the window, I’d put the plan in her mind.

I dialed the number. John picked up on the first ring.

“It’s me”, I said.

“Yes sir”

“It will happen tonight. Is it ready?”

“Yes sir. All done like you instructed”


I cut the call. All was in place. I drove toward New Jersey, knowing my lady love would be joining me in a few hours.

“How’d it go?” I ask her as she enters the house. It’s two in the afternoon.

“I got the jitters, but managed to pull it off. It should be done by now sweetheart”, she says, just as the phone rings. I listen as the voice on the other side tells me Teresa’s mission was successful. I kiss her in celebration.

“I’ve to pay my final respects. You stay here, I’ll be back by nine”, I tell her.

When I reach the Vanderlinden Estate, there are people already there. The high and mighty of the business world has arrived on hearing the news. I don’t pay any heed to them. I walk straight through toward the coffin. He seems small in death. I place the wreath I have brought near his heart, and kneel near his head silently.

“You may have had the joke, father, but I had the last laugh after all. No better remedy for your antics right?” I whisper as I get up. Some people approach me… some of my old clients are there as well. The leverage I once had begins to rise again.

“Just one pill, my darling”, I say as I cradle her naked body in the moonlight again. She smiles, and we raise our glasses to celebrate. It is past midnight when she falls asleep in my arms. I reach for my phone. John is prompt once more. “Make it two, and the second one in white marble. I have to go, Teresa might wake up”, I tell him.

“Understood, sir”

I smile at the thought, looking at her champagne glass. “Just one more pill…”

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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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    • oh.. I’m usually the one line 3wwer, but thought to write a bigger one this time..

      i’m in that time travel sort of phase right now, so thought i’ll give it a shot.. glad u liked it Thom..

      3WW isn’t opening because of some net probs here.. will get to the bloghop asa I can..! 🙂

  1. wow- If that were a full novel, I’d buy it. Have you looked into expanding your stories? Maybe putting them in e-book format? A lot of writers are putting theirs on Nook or Kindle to get theri name out there.

  2. Wow….beautiful narration, the suspense was kept til the end, I like how you did it… 🙂 This will make readers finish the story!

    Kind of like Sheldon style.

    Good luck on your laudable project… I will be your first fan… 😉

  3. At first I was not liking the font change (I think it was messing with my eyes) to break up the scenes, topics, facets of the protagonist… but by the end I had been bent to your ways appreciatively. What a unique approach to handling the different aspects! Bravo!

    The story itself captured the detached, desensitized face of the successful entrepreneur perfectly. Great job!

    • 🙂 thanks Jay.. yeah, the font color change does seem odd sometimes to the eye.. but I wanted to indicate different time frames.. make it sort of easy on the reader too.. 😀

      glad you liked the detached face of the entrepreneur.. 😀

  4. I found myself moving on.. and on.. and on.. and then it ended.. wow.. a beautiful plot.. someone said’ Sheldon’ , yes it’s been pretty intriguing..so yes, why not, Leo..

    • thank you Ramesh 🙂 glad u liked the plot.. and that it flowed in ur read..

      Sheldon? wow.. that’s really a high praise.. I hope its worthy of it.. thanks 🙂

  5. This was very crisply written. The plot is so engaging that I am disappointed that there isn’t more….but all good things do come to an end, right. I love the way you handled the mind play by dividing by color. Very creative and effective! Kudos.

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