An Untold Tale

Circumstances have pulled us apart,

We are separated by many miles.

Truly, the only thing that keeps me going,

Is my treasured memory of our

Surely things change, but the times that were and the moments which were, have absolutely no comparison to anything what so ever. For a 22 year old, I was way too chirpy and enthusiastic about making friends and knowing people. It was probably the anxiousness to be known and recognized as the good girl in the bad world. The internet as always, the major outlet and inlet for any south Asian girl was my means to connect with the world beyond home.

It was Orkut. The place where Sam met me and together we sparked vivaciously. It just did not matter where we lived and how we met ends, we just had that connection which bloomed a fantastic picture in my present. I could only imagine something like it. And he put pictures in those fragments. It was wonderful, that time was wonderful.

I remember the time not long ago,

When we laughed and shared it all,

We were the very best of friends,

Or at least that’s what I thought.

It was all going fine. Leading to a wonderful time from going to parties to visiting places my folks would never let me. Yes I lied when I was friends with him. He was the only escape I had from my misery and I tried to think less of it and more of the fantastic things that were happening to me. I left my boyfriend (first and last) just because he said ‘he is taking me for granted and I should stop abusing my existence in trying to make an unworkable relationship work’. My friends perceived us as more than best friends and that is where it probably started to evolve into something much more. I never had a guy for a best friend and he was just so adorable to just be a friend. They said we looked great together and maybe that is what kept taking me away from friendship and more towards dreaming to make a home with him. I will not lie. I can never. He was probably the only one with whom I could actually picture me as a complete woman. He told me I was in no comparison to anyone. I was way beyond the ordinary. His words kept drifting me and I loved the whole feel. Emotions I had plenty. There were so many highs and so many lows. But I was determined, not knowing that he too could have another side of the story.

I guess, everything is about taking chances,

Even when you think you’re all out of chances.

It’s about forgiveness and unconditional love,

Even when it seems like you should only do the opposite.

Things change as time goes on and we did too. After the demise of what we had two years ago, I now stand the ground where I make friends but there is no hard core dependence on their words and opinions. Yes I hear them, but I keep my word as final. I have no best friend, that I realized is a spot reserved for my hubby. I shall brag on Leo’s blog too just to bore you our of your wits 😛 but then what is honesty all about. I am needy and I am greedy and no way a beggar. So before you jump onto the fatal ride of judging me, think again.

Friendships are there to help sail life a little soothingly. But due to the drastic aging, stupidity gets to me too fast. I am allergic to BS! You are too! If you stop being such a goodie goodie.

I’ve come to accept a lot of things that’s happened even though I might not like them. I’ve stopped searching for anything except the goodness of God and I know that somewhere out there lies my happiness and contentment. I will achieve it only through my faith, patience and goodness… and when the time is right.

Time… I am playing by the rules even today. I know that time has a say but that time is only controlled by God and in God lays my humble faith for always and forever.

Leo- my unconditional thank you for letting me recall a moment in time. This is the desi way to do it because the desi me had one good friend or rather great – no one has been able to make me forget him – no one! As sad as that is, my traditional brains just short circuit on the first shot of their stupidity. God bless the threads of friendship and may we all find true friends as we stroll along in life.

Thank you Leo for the honor and I just hope I did it justice. Thanks for helping me smile a little **smile Gracias!

Americanizing Desi.
(c) Americanising Desi

From Leo:
It feels somewhat odd to introduce a blogging celebrity to you all, but most of you anyways would know who Americanizing Desi is! She’s one of Blogsville’s most known bloggers, writing on umpteen topics from love, to friendship to doin tag memes! 😉 She’s my friend for some time now, and I welcome a good friend to write on the desi friendship… Thanks AD!

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

14 thoughts on “An Untold Tale”

  1. thanks AD 🙂 this really was the Desi way indeed.. and i hope someday, we do become best friends(second to ur better half of course)! 😀 welcome for that smile…de nada! (i hope thats spanish for welcome) 😀

  2. AD- Made me back to the orkut days 😀 How can ever forget orkut…best place for me to keep in touch …and to my gal only community <3…I so miss it all …though i never added strangers on orkut ….but it was fun ……virtual relationships…sigh….they hardly work…unless you make it a point to meet every now and then (Atleast once in few months if in different states )……I am sure u will find ur best in him gal :)..Mwaahz twin beautifully written 🙂

  3. Hi AD;Yeah, I call her AD Leo, whenever I post comments in her blog. But of late, I have not the luxury of time to visit hers. I feel bad about it! BUt soonest will do!AD, this was so good a post on friendship. It is a topic where one can rumble and mumble endlessly, right?And yeah, meeting friends virtually? I guess Leo deserves a FRIENDSHIP trophy, badge, medal for being such a good friend to almost anyone who also became my good friend here at blogworld!He is Mr. Amity (friendly)…opppsss don't get me wrong, actually, Amity means friendly, hence I chose that pen name in blogworld.Peace Leo!!!I am happy AD for gracing Leo's successful milestone. This again proves that he is really a very prolific writer.You know what is my wish for him? That someday soon, he will get his poems published and he will give me a copy for free, signed….Leo…!!!Isn't that great? May it all happen ! And we his friends would be proudest of that achievement!Good morning AD and Leo…have a great week ahead!Hugs!!!

  4. AD…agreed is a blog celebrity..i love every single word of her each and every blog…had there been a competition for AD'S craziest had been me..lols..loved it,no happens sometimes no one in entire universe can replace that someone special..we need to cherish these relationships always as they bring out the best in us..memories are always the best things to think of..Leo,its a great idea of yours…hats off..and i love reading your posts too…they have something unique about them..

  5. Very well narrated by AD in each and every line…the emotiosn and the crave for a friend! I just enjoyed each and every line of it…!!!And Leo…as Amity said..when u have your poetry copy published..get me too your signed would be my honour and pleasure to posses it. Wish u all the best for it.. :)))its Orange, black, poems, rhymes…all about u that ispires me a lot :))~Keep the Spark ALive..

  6. oopsie i realized just half of my comment got published :-sSo here is my part i wrote for leoLeo-firstly congrats for a millenium of posts….he is one who is an epitome of encouragement and friendship for me….whether it was to make me write, to return to blogging, explore new avenues or make me smile…he is done it all :)Thanks for being the amazing friend and the greatest writer…its ur encouragement that has made me evolve so much in writing and poetry ….hope to see ur published work some day 🙂

  7. Beautiful write up on true friendship to a good friend, Americanizing Desi. As Amity says, the Friendship Trophy and Congeniality Trophy are his for keeps!! :)Wonderful way to start the next 100 posts…

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