Love, Life and Blogging

When we were born, we had life. When I was born, I had a life. I lived – till now; and I will be living it till I do. The best and first major thing that I did in life was to fall in love; I mean to love. That’s the best thing that happened to me. Something, which can be understood and felt by someone who has tasted it – who has loved someone – at least some ONE in life! Life, since love occurred, was turbulent, yet vibrant, happening and eventful. Nothing was in track, but that was the track I wanted to be in. So was I. And so was the person I was (read am) in love with. A complex phenomenon is love, mixed with the most complex incident called life. Then as we were moving along with life, love and life in love, the third thing occurred to me – blogging. Blogging in itself is neither complex that it can be compared with life or love, nor is it so simple that one can ignore it. It was a way of life – a way of leading a life – a name, a piece of fame, a niche in the world or this universe of people, thoughts, experiences and technology. Blogging could not be compared to just another thing that I came across in life, for it took away a lot and gave me a lot too! It came in life like an association that became an addiction and fell back as an inseparable part of life now. There were times, when I talked to and through my blog much more than I talked in person. Blogging did not only gave me another mouth to talk, it also brought many things up from the inner parts of me and my mind, which would have remain untold, unseen and unknown if not for blogging. After the years spent on blogs, I just say what many were heard saying, “I’m loving it!”

Again, I wish things were as simple and well defined as I wish them to be. Yes, they are not! We do not make things happen the way we want it? Do we? Yes, we do. Though there are certain things that remain with us to be modified as we want them to be, there are hell lots of other things that we can do absolutely nothing about. Life, for an example was not something in our hands. We got it; or maybe I should say we were awarded a life. Love was not awarded. I developed it – my credit! I am saying this because it was not only creating it in my heart, but also for creating the same in the heart which I wanted to be win someday. That way, yes, my credit! Blogging again, was something I did – I developed – I conceived it, detailed it, designed it and decorated it. Again, my credit! Rest all that has happened since I was born, was mostly out of my control.

Well, I will tell you why I brought life, love and blogging that close to each other. It may sound weird, but this is how I saw this. (And blogging gives me the right to talk about it the way I see it.) First incident, when we were born, we knew none. Same with me! So, in the number scale of knowing people, I moved from zero to a number, say P1. Now, P1 is more than zero but less than Pn, let’s say, the number of people alive. As we grew up, this P1 increased gradually but dynamically and moved up to P2. I knew many a things about all these people, though not everything. Stage two, as I fell in love, I moved towards knowing P2+1 – the one who was probably the most important person in the world – around whom my world would revolve for the rest of my life. I started knowing almost everything about this one person. Stage three, when I started blogging, I met some more people. These people are not similar to the ones whom I met in the first stage in life, since they would not have been a part of the list of people I knew, otherwise. They were from a varied range of places, states, countries – languages, customs, costumes, races and creeds – almost from a different world, if not another planet! For most of them, only a name was enough – for a few, a couple of things more –that was it. In every step, I met people; I learnt about them; I interacted, lived and shared with them. Different people, different positions in the scale and with different degrees of acquaintance came in my life in these three stages. This is the reason that these stages of life, love and blogging are so closely related to me.

It is similar to most of us, is not it? Hmmm… think it over!

Love your life. Live it to the fullest. Only a life, full of goals and aims, would get us moving. We would die satisfied, when these goals in life – small or big – are achieved. That would call for a certain level of dedication towards life. Live your love – do not let it pass by, as most of us do. Once we have our love beside us, we tend to take things for granted. Love needs us to be dedicated – more after we gain the love we give away; when we get along. It is also like the plant we plant in the kitchen garden, which needs tender love and care, water and manure. Keep Blogging too. Only when we blog, we know the importance of sticking to it and showing a level of dedication, so that people who read me, keep reading me, even if they have just five minutes of access to the net. I need to write things regularly, with equal dedication as my first blog post was, with similar passion as I wrote for the last competition which won me a blog award. Only then will my readers continue to read me. This is how, blogging, love and life is related.

This is all about love, life and blogging. And this is my message to you, my dear Vinay a.k.a. Leo on this 600th post on your blog. Keep blogging – keep meeting new people – keep loving the one (and all) you love and keep living, as long as you do. Love life and blogging! God Bless you!

From Leo:
Hi friends, as you probably realize from my good buddy Tan’s guest post, THIS is the 600th post on my little space of words. Tan and I have been friends since long. December of ’08 I think, a month into my Writers Lounge stay. Tan writes anything well, but his poetry is what catches my eye most of the time. I’m glad he accepted my request to him to do this milestone post. Click on his signature to go to his blog, Thus Wrote Tan!

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

14 thoughts on “Love, Life and Blogging”

  1. Thanks Tanny 🙂 yes, i will love my life to the fullest and love blogging too.. keep this passion going..ur right, only when we blog, we know the importance of it.I'm glad u came over to my little space for this wonderful post. Thanks for making #600 memorable!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching BIG OL' #600!! :DMay you have many many more for many many more years to come Leo!! Best wishes for that!! 🙂

  3. Hearty Congratulations On Reaching Milestone. Wish You Many many More Centuries Leo. Very beautiful Fantastic Fabulous Post 🙂 🙂 Wish You A Very Happy Friendship Day Leo 🙂 🙂

  4. Beautiful thoughts on a guest post! Love, life and blogging…:) But Tan, you are in my blog list but I noticed it is not you have other blogs where you write often?I could relate to your thoughts, coz of blogging I've met wonderful people in the blog world, though they are only known to me by their nick names, pen names and some real names, I find a lot to be very friendly.Virtual world is sometimes better than the real world, yes, in some sense. And to prove that, I found a very good friend in Leo who remained elusive…:P(I have not seen him yet in person even in a pic)but you could feel if someone as virtual is indeed a good friend, and that's what I can relate to in your point of blogging!By the way, congratulations Leo on your 600th post! I look forward to another 600 posts to come…:)And cheers to Tan for the wonderful guest post!

  5. Dear Vinu, Good Evening!Hearty Congratulations on completing the 600th post successfully.And you selected such a wonderful day for reaching that milestone thus proving how much you value friendship.Tan,that was a real friendship band which is tied with love and care.:)Blogging gives us such a wonderful experience and you fall in love with life again and again.Hope and pray your friendship lasts forever.Very few are lucky to have a friend for life.Offering a yellow rose to you,Vinu to share the joy of friendship and the happiness of reaching a grand milestone, Sasneham, Anu

  6. first of all, Leo congratulations da for this wonderful journey of 600…i know much more to go..!!!And dear, Happy Friendship our friendship flourish with love and care that we shared til now and lets strengthen the bond with our smiles..!!And Tan..Awesome post friend. A perfect writeup about blogging…and yes, you are very true…Blogging brought to us not only a platform to express our views but many people to share our life and love with..!!Tan..Thanks for writing dear..!!once again Leo, Congratulations and all the best to every post from now on..!!your'sMs.Meduri..!!!

  7. that is very well put Tan :)life love and blogging is indeed related … and could relate with everything that you have said :)congratz again Leo 🙂

  8. Congratulations Vinay, for this 600th Post! Well, 600 is not a number, when you are going to write more and more in the coming years – may be we would see 10 times of that number in a few years down the line… Keep writing :)…And also, thank you for letting me write on this occasion. That was quite an honor. I enjoyed it….And thanks to you all, who liked my post. I am happy that you could relate to it.@Amity…I just have two blogs, that you may want to read. I'm not very active on either one these days! Hope you have both the links! @Anu…Thanks for the Yellow Rose. Happy Friendship day to all my friends here… We will meet sometime – I hope 🙂

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