Dreamy words…

Disclaimer : Although I live in dreams , the following words were written in reality 😛
Heyyya bloggies ..This is adreamygal , landing straight here from land of dreams 🙂 So before I begin to mumble in my dreams , I am grabbing this opportunity to congrats Vinu on reaching this milestone ..Whoa…506 posts ( I know this is 55o celebrations , but I noticed that there were already 44 guest posts 😉 :P..hehehehe 😉 sorry Vinu 😛 ) wow..that’s quite a whooping number na ?
Vinu , this is “you” :

( Though I am not good at acros , but since its your fav form , have tried my best 🙂 )
Vagrant in thoughts
Incessant with words , yet
Nurturing yourself to be
Undoubtably the best “Perfectionist” 🙂
( I was strictly instructed not to use his original name ..So here sir , I am following your orders :P)
Hmmmm..so here am I , warning you all , that its gonna be a longggg post , so better be struck to your seats tightly , for I am gonna take you to journey of our friendship 🙂
April 11 , 2010 ( Vinu , I know this is making you smile , so am I :)) was the date we met virtually …I had admired his writings long time before , but I never dared to comment on any of his post ..The only thought that ran in my mind was Why does English language stop with the word “best” and “superb” ..Had they coined in more words , I would have used it to comment on his post …
At first when my screen flashed “Hi Dreamy” in chat window , I got nervous ..Whoa.. “The Amateur Poet” sent Hi ?..now that sounded really dreamy ! We did exchange what friends do 😉 and then I was mum all of a sudden when my eyes read this :
Vinu: oh thanks.. i just write what comes to mind.. like so…
With a dreamy girl
I am now in chat
Her status “blogging”
Wonder what she’s at
OSI perhaps, vicarious
I guess I shall soon see
I follow all her blogs
So it shan’t escape me 😀

From then , his words continued to flow , and I was slow in replies as I was all the more nervous , because I was chatting with a man whom I had , for long , admired his writings silently and on top of that he was replying rhymingly !! And only then I came to know he was not of 27-28 years as I had thought 😛 hehehehehe 😉 The chat went on for more than 3 hours , and I didn’t knew at that time , that it would sprout into a beautiful friendship ..
Then on , the chats became regular and slowly the foundation for our friendship was being laid ..We both were unaware what future was holding for us ..Sharing , having fun , pulling each other’s leg , being each other’s shoulder ( okay all tat is virtually ;)) Days were unfurling a beautiful friendship ..

pure and true ,
found in few ,
as time flew ,
continuing to argue ,
on silly issue ,
respecting mutual views ,
supporting me , at times
what I went through ,
the love* grew..
For all that
you still continue to do ,
just wanted to say ,
a big “THANK YOU” ,
Love you , Vinu 🙂
( * do I need to mention “pure friendship love” here ? )
wow…it came out rhymingly na ? hehehehe ..see Vinu , sangat ka asar 😛
I don’t know whether the time flew fast or slow :P, but our friendship withstood its games and became stronger with every blow …We could share everything and anything ( okay , except few things 😛 hehehehhhe.. ) ..But yeah , I can never ( and I bet Vinu , even you can’t with your magical words ! ) express the best moments we shared , the talks we had , the fights and nightmares 😉 ( I mean the nightmares we gave to each other 😛 ) …
A wonderful friend , very caring, very supportive , understanding ( at times ferocious too 😛 ) – he is an amazing friend-ly gift 😛 , anyone can get ..True to his sunsign 🙂 ( which you are very proud of !! 😀 )..In all , a friend in combo pack 😉 I am sure , every friend of his , is lucky to have him as a friend , and obviously so am I !! At times , he like the little cub too 🙂 very sweet and innocent ( though I am not sure how much true that word is 😛 hehehehe )I admire his patience most , coz I wonder where he gets that in oodles , because its quite difficult to handle me !! Love ya , for being so patient and bearing my mood swings and anger outbursts ..these memories are all really making me smile a lot now 🙂 ( and know to you too !! )
Now coming to main course 😉 (hehehehe.. I warned you guys its gonna be long 😉 ): his writing ..Well the more write about it , the shorter it seems …On second thought , its wrong of me to write about him , firstly coz I am in no way supposed to comment or rather even think to write about it 😉 , and secondly I have no words 😉 ( which surpasses the first one ! 😛 )..As you are already aware of his writing , I don’t think any of my words can define his passion and love and the magic he casts on all of us , with his spell of words ..Yaar ..its awesome !!! At times hypnotizing , at times thought-provoking , at times wonderfully crafted fantasy ( especially the romantic stories with happy endings , which are his favourites :)) , the hard-hitting RCs ( not Rs . 😛 but RC – Reality Check :)) everything written with every word , does create a lingering impact on us !!!!!
And it is this passion and love on words so much that he has encouraged so many of us ( I am one among those bakras 😛 hehehehe 😀 ) to give us our best shot ..Typical “Leo”istic 😛 Encouraging us to write and experiment , with his unique ways of blackmails …You really are one of the “best” ( since you are expert in words , fill in the more synonyms here 😀 )
But yeah I have a request to all his readers ..Please do drop in your comments when you read his work ( I know these words are coming from me – the very person who used to read his works for months , and leave without commenting 😛 )..He , really , at times ( and I guess every great writer , like me 😛 hehehehehe ) is impatient to hear what his readers feel / thoughts ..So guys , don’t take this now as a request , but as my demand 😛 . Do comment okay ? Otherwise I will eat all the chocolates he gives you for commenting 😉 ( You can have the wrappers for dropping in , although 😛 )
Vinu , bus ? ab khatam karun ? bahut paka liya sabko 😛 hehehehe…So another order of yours – to write this post more than 1000 words have been followed by me 😛 ( Although didn’t count , but guess they are !!:P )I am sure you won’t be tired of reading , and I , never of writing , but poor readers , lets show them pity na 😉
And yeah as promised these are direct dil-se words , with my pretty smile 😉 ( fyi , I look pretty when I smile 😉 😛 hehehehehe ) And I hope I have made up for all the delay in writing this 🙂 ( I am writing this 20 days later than his ‘deadline’ date 😛 hehehehe.. ) I am just a immatured kid ( and not “Amateur” like you 😉 ) , galti n all bardasht kar lena 😛
Thank you bloggies , for patiently reading my bak-baks 😛 Love ya all and hey Vinu , CONGRATULATIONS once again 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

8 thoughts on “Dreamy words…”

  1. Hi Dreamy, thank u soooooooo much for a memorable 550th post! 🙂 we've had some great times in our friendship so far, & am sure we've more to come too! 🙂 the acro & the poem both were fantastic & i remember that impromptu poem well! 😀 Love ya too dear! Thanks for ur congrats & urs still could have been longer! ;)Love, Vinu.

  2. Congratulation on Number 550!!!Whoa!! Big Number There!!ADreamyGal : That was wonderful!! I know a post that comes straight from the heart when I read it and this was definitely one of those post!! You truly have a wonderful friend there!! May your friendship never dwindle. 🙂

  3. @ Adreamygal: well, i felf really happy reading ur post here. I mean, u r not writing at ur place as u have decided to take a longggg break, but atleast I got to read u here. well done, u r booked for my 100th post :-)@ Leo: what can i say about u leo, u r an amazing writer and this 'amateur writer' cant say anything about u. all i can say is, I wish u a good luck for the future, may u keep writing like this. I really admire you and you really inspire me, thats so true. i hope some day I use to write at least 10% as u do and may u follow my space too and that would be regarded as an achievement for this 'amateur writer'. You are not at all amateur poet brother. 🙂 keep writing and keep inspiring 🙂

  4. Very very beautiful and innocent post 🙂 🙂 Loved the poem thingy in between 🙂 and I know all his unique way of blackmailing :):):)COngrats leeeeeee and Hugggggggs on your 550th 🙂

  5. Wowwwww….an awesome and kilometric post for an awesome "Amateur Poet"…that's what he says, he still is an amateur poet but I want to refute that myself…And there's something common with the way he deals with friends? It's now his signature I guess "blackmailing" if only for his friends to keep on writing. It has magic I guess…no, I am sure!But this time, this magic didn't work…:PYou could have written a longer post Dreamygal, no matter how bored your readers could be, but for me I was never bored, even I enjoyed how you shared such friendship between you and Leo, well Vinu, whatever, but I call him Leo, because that's him to me…He is all how you described him, his written works speak for him…And I am very sure, he will soon write a book of his own, authored by him, published and of course, each of his friends will be given a copy, signed… Leo or Vinu, whatever…thing is, he has a book as a testament of his being able to nurture his gift…This is quite too long a comment na and I want to say some more but I would stop HERE!No, I forgot to say my Warmest Congratulations to you dear…and am glad you picked all equally awesome guest posters in your blog…:) Cheerssssssss!!!!!!!!!

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