Lost Angel

Mom, I’ve been created. You may not realize it yet, but soon you’re going to know I’m there. I’m getting nourished by what you eat, I drink your water too. I’m growing with each passing moment.

Today, you’ve realized the day is near when I shall open my eyes and the first ray of light shall enter my eyes. I can feel you are happy. Why is water there in your eyes? Are you happy that you’ll meet me soon?

Have you seen my first photograph yet? Don’t I look pretty Mom? When I come to the world and continue growing, I’m going to be just as pretty as you. I’ll love you so much that you won’t want to leave me at all.

Something has changed Mom, I’ve been so comfortable in this blanket, but it suddenly feels so suffocating. I’m not able to breathe Mom. please make it stop. I’m going to sleep. Please make it stop soon.

Mom, I can see you. I can see your eyes. I want to touch you, but I can’t. My tiny hands just go through yours.. Why can’t I hold you Mom? I want to hug you so much, please tell God to help me do it.

God is next to me now. He says you didn’t want me, so you gave me back to Him. Why Mom? Didn’t you want a girl pretty like you? Didn’t you like me touching you from my blanket? It wasn’t my fault, yet you killed me Mom. I can’t even cry.

I’m in His hands now. I’m just going to ask Him for a wish, that no other mom do what you’ve done to me. I love you still Mom, but I wish I were in your hands right now instead of His.

This may have been tagged “Fiction”, but it’s definitely a hard hitting reality in this world.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

36 thoughts on “Lost Angel”

  1. that was so touching..female foeticide is really a painful fact. but this practice has reduced greatly i guess with the ban of sex determination n all. but what matters more than forced acceptance is the change in attitude of people towards female children..they shd learn to love their child irrespective of the sex..that can be brought abt only by building awareness..<a href="http://inmylineofsight.com>In My Line of Sight</a>

  2. By the time I finished the post, my heard had come down to my stomach. If you had written some more, god knows what would have happened. That heavy my heart became. So much of emotions packed into this post. Its true and this should be stopped though knowing that its widely prevailing is really harsh truth. Good one.

  3. Wow.. such an amazing post. U are one of those writers… who do purposeful writing.. afterall the pen is mightier than the sword.. and writing about an issue at the very least spreads awareness. And I am actually glad to find out that the male counterparts of our society also care about such fragile issues. Beautifully expressed.. I guess this is what every child being aborted feels..

  4. Hard hitting and true. But my heart does go out to all those girls who make choices with little information and support and later have to live with the reality. My heart also goes out to any woman who felt she had no choice. Rape victims come to mind. And I am glad our God is bog and full of grace. May He forever hold all those babies in his arms and the mothers too.

  5. Leo, as i told you already…this is the picture thats close to my heart..everytime i see it, i could hear the cries of those babies who are killed before they saw the ray of light..!!!Dear, you wrote it so wonderfully that i have tears once again…dear, are you on a mission to make me cry everyday with each of your posts?? Leo, you are a wonderful writer..!!!Its so painful Leo…Its really hurts when known the reality…!!!

  6. well, there are all kinds of people in this world. some realities are not just bearable. sad.and leo plz check out my poem on Mother for the occasion of Mothers' day on my blog. i hope u like it and give honest reviewsthanx

  7. harsh reality! :(still there are ppl like parents of one of my frnds who have 2 daughters and dint go for third child!i must appreciate them for the decision. infact ppl today love to upbring a girl offspring as girls are coming forward to lead not only a good life but even our very own nation πŸ™‚

  8. now that was one hard hitting post… female foeticide still continue… aren't we suppose to live in a world where there shouldnt be any bias… very powerful write there…

  9. yes.. it is really the harsh truth that it exists still. female infanticide is something that happens even in these modern times..many thanks for your wonderful words VIBHUSHAN

  10. greetings AMAL, yes. it may have greatly reduced, but it still exists. the love of the child shouldn't be based on sex indeed. only awareness can do it i agree.

  11. WEST WIND, i do write on social issues of course, and yeah the pen is needed to spread awareness. a sword doesn't come in handy then coz u can't kill the issue that easily can u? i think its what the aborted child feels too…

  12. TAB, yes.. an end without proper info and support is sad. but wantedly ending a life that hasn't come to the world yet is cruel.

  13. yeah Ms. MEDURI, i know it is close to ur heart. and i hear those cries too. i'm on a mission to spread awareness perhaps, but no, not to make u cry. glad u find it wonderful and called me a wonderful writer too. Many thanks.

  14. PARAMVEER, yes, they must be commended for their decision. best not to get to the world what they can't nourish and care for. but it should be coz of valid reasons. sex isn't one of them.

  15. Hmmmm..this is really not a fiction ! it did happen , with a person I am quite familiar with ! and your words broughtthe momory back ! Wonderfully written ! Very touchy

  16. Am late, I intend to! At one point, I don't want to comment here coz it breaks my heart…again!But missing out on your post is not for me. Thanks for sharing another sad and true story, and this could never the fiction, coz the reality made you write it so!Hope your story will reach a wide world to be aware and be vigilant about this social ill!

  17. Thanks to: Marshmallow.yes, these days, it is better i think, but female foeticide still is practiced, and it should stop soon…

  18. Dear Vinu, Good Morning!It is so touching and the emotions are moved!The words smell baby Johnson's powder!My eyes are moist!A great post with greater moral!Beautiful and thoughtprovoking!Wishing you a wonderful week, Sasneham, Anu

  19. Th was the most beautiful post I have written about Female foeticide Vinu. I too have raised the issue many a times and feel that you have outdone yourself this time. am seechless.. nishabd

  20. It's sad to see that there exists many such lost angels!It's even more sad to see that parents' consent is involved!all that i can say is I am a lucky daughter…and am happy abt it…but then it's really painful that a daughter ain't an angel a pretty angel for many parents !

  21. My third comment in a day!Lucky day for you Vinay :P:PHmmm…A harsh reality, very candidly written. A unborn life is not an emotionless life, truly!I liked it..loads.

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