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All characters in this story are fictional. Any similarity to person or persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

When I came onto this earth, I cried because I knew no one around me. Yet, it was her loving hands that held me close and gave me my first experience of love. It was her who first whispered into my ears, my name, Jen. Alas, her love lasted just a few days. She who I’d seen first was taken away from my life by He who had sent me here to be loved. I wasn’t alone, but somewhere, even though I thought I didn’t miss her presence, I did miss her presence. My father was left to take care of me, Angel, as he called me. It was a challenge he’d not yearned for, or felt he was up to, but he had no choice. He loved me too much to just leave me at an orphanage or give me up for adoption.

He loved me, cared for me and even though we weren’t rich, he never let me feel anything was missing in my life. Time flew fast, I was five years already and I spent my time pestering my dad as much as I could. He chided me a lot, scolded me at times, yet in every word he spoke to me rashly, I could see the love in his eyes and I knew he was doing it for my good. I never listened though, after all, I was but a child and I wanted to enjoy every moment I had with him to the fullest. He sent me to the local school, and I got a lot of friends to make my day pass faster while he worked at the local petrol bunk, earning whatever he could to support us. The time passed again, three more years, and I was going to celebrate my 9th birthday in a week.

“Angel, you’re growing up so fast into a pretty girl”, he said to me on that special day. “Soon, you’ll be out of school, into college and one day, I’m going to walk you down the aisle of St. Mathew’s Church and give responsibility to some handsome young man who’ll love you more than me.” I’d smiled and kissed him on the cheek and ran off that morning to school. I gave sweets to my friends and to my teacher that day; I’d made the sweet myself with my dad the previous day. There was a bit of rain in the evening when I left school. I didn’t mind, I loved the rain. It reminded me of my mother. I walked on slowly and took the shortcut home. I looked back. Was there someone following me?

A few moments later, I realized I was right. A big hand covered my mouth; another caught my waist and even as I struggled, dragged me away. My eyes had narrowed in fear, no sound could escape from me, and no one was near to hear me even if I did. I lapsed to unconsciousness. When I awoke, I was being dragged again, hands tied behind me and a kerchief covering my mouth. I heard a door open and the one holding me viciously pushed me into the room. I landed hard on the rough wooden floor, scraping my knees as I slid across it. For a moment, the light from the hallway hit my eyes as I opened them, then a shadow moved across, the door shut again, immersing the room and me into pitch black darkness.

The blood was slowly coming out of my knees, but the pain was for another reason. I must have been there in the darkness for an hour when the door opened and the hall light streamed in. He entered, and approached me. I couldn’t believe it was him. The look in his eyes was different, unlike any I’d seen these many days. There was no love. It was like a lion came toward a lamb. I got to my feet and staggered back, away from him. But I hit the wall soon. The door was still open, but he was in my way. I made a dash for it, but he caught me. I struggled again, but with my arms behind me, I was helpless. He threw me to floor and pinned me there. As I lay writhing, his hands went under my skirt, touching me. I screamed through my gag. No sound came, only tears streaming down my cheek. He turned me around, my fearful watery eyes saw his lust filled ones as he tore away at me and entered me. The pain shot through, yet my scream never left me. His lips touched my cheeks, my neck, but I was numb now. I felt nothing. Few moments later, I still lay there on the floor, uncovered, innocence shattered and helpless. His shadow went away, the door closed and I was thankful to be blanketed by the darkness again.

A day may have passed, the light came again bringing him with it. I did not struggle this time. I was tired; I couldn’t resist his advances this time. As he molested me again, my eyes wide open with the pain and shock saw some nails from the wooden boards sticking out. They looked blurred through my tears, but in my mind, they were clear. When he left me on the floor worn out and ragged, shutting the door and covering me in darkness again, I struggled to get to my feet. I felt my way in the darkness, touching the floor with my hands still tied behind me. Something pierced me, and I knew I’d found the nails again. I put my bonds to its points and began cutting the bonds. They’d cut my wrist at times, but I did not care. I had to escape. I couldn’t let myself be so vulnerable more. A few more tries and my bonds fell loose. I felt in the darkness for my clothes, I found them near the door, torn in places but still better than how I was at the time. I put them on. I heard his footsteps, and hid behind the door. There was a shovel there; I took it in my hand. The door opened, I mustered all my strength and swung the shovel, catching him on his knees. His shout echoed in the room, and he fell to the floor. I escaped, bolting the door shut behind me.

I ran as fast as my heels would take me, but yet again, my escape was stalled by another set of hands. This time, the hands were caring, and I found myself staring at my neighbor Inspector Bailey. I was panting, exhausted from my ordeal, and as I fell into his arms nearing unconsciousness, I managed to say four words. “It was Mr. Davies”

I regained consciousness a week later in a room at the hospital. My knees were bandaged; my clothes were fresh, as were the memories of the week before. A tear slid down my cheek, but it was wiped away by a loving hand. I turned to see my dad sitting beside me. I turned away. I felt hurt, felt I hurt him too. I wasn’t his little girl anymore. All my dreams were shattered like my innocence. He sat next to me on my bed, and put his hand on my shoulder. “You’re still my little girl. You cannot change what has happened. You had the strength to escape from his trap; God will give you the strength to continue onward. I love you and I failed you by not protecting you. Daddy won’t fail you again, Angel”, he said. The tears came out, and I sobbed into his shoulder.

Inspector Bailey caught my teacher Mr. Davies and he pleaded guilty to abusing me. The court gave him a long prison sentence, but I felt it was too less a punishment to befit the crime he had committed. The school took me back in when I felt strong enough to return. Some friends didn’t want me anymore, but I’d a few true friends who stuck with me. The scars of the past remained with me, but I continued toward the future that time. I didn’t want to leave my dreams in tatters.

Fifteen years have passed since that day. I’ve completed my education, got a business that gives me a decent income and I’ve started to believe in love again. The rain still reminds me more of my mom than that day, but I still continue to escape the past. A diamond ring glitters on my finger, and loving hands hold my waist this time. I’ve not hidden anything from him, but he loves me for who I am right now. After all, everyone has a past. I shall continue to escape those horrible memories, immersing myself in what I work for, an effort to nip this terrible crime in the bud once and for all. I’m Jen Keats, entrepreneur and activist against the crime of Child Abuse. I’m a voice against that which happened to me. Won’t you all join the cause and help the world become better for the children in the future? If we delay more, we’ll leave our children wanting to escape the future, escape their dreams and escape love. The time is now, won’t you come join me?

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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. dam leo….i actually have tears in my eyes… 🙁 🙁 a heart wrenching story…u actually made my insides go up and down while reading this…child abuse a rising menace all around the world…and specially in our country…my goes out for all those little children who are forced to grow up even when they should all be completely carefree…sigh :(but amazing work

  2. You always leave me speechless dont u ?Speechless with tears….i can't even imagine the agony of that child..l.but this story might be the reality of many out there…..u captured it in a way that i got goosebumps …..I just dont know what more to say…All i can is salute the write who wrote this and tell him how proud i m to ever know you ….if ppl like u exist we surely can do something abt abuses and causes in this country….high we do and we surely will make a difference one!I bow to you!Really proud piece of work!Amazing write 🙂

  3. You certainly know how to get the tears flowing Leo, fictional or non fictional this was an excellent post, Child abuse is a terrible thing to happen and can have life lasting effects.Thank you for high lighting these issues.Yvonne.

  4. A very touching narrative. I really like bloggers who bring real life incidents from news to life by giving a personal touch and making people really feel the brutality of the events. best of luck for the blog-a-ton

  5. Wow! A nice story but a sad one. I liked the narration and the detailing too. :)The rapists should be punished harshly. Imprisonment is an easy escape for them.

  6. aww…that was horrible for a little girl!! but happens in real life right and your fiction proves that even though she faced those kinds of horrible experiences..she managed top escape from they're shadows and have a new life..:) very well written ^_^(p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  7. Beautiful Portrayal of a brave little girl. Glad it ended the way it did. Loved it!!Yes, Blogger in Draft allows me to change my template at will. So with every new post come a new template. So do visit again and leave your valuable comments.Thanks and All the Best for B-A-T. Loved the Topic for this B-A-T!!

  8. @ LeoSo amazed with your rhyme in your narration too!Loved the way you concluded the post with an apt message!Beautiful post and loved the tag line of your blog "I Rhyme Without Reason…."Long way to go over proses and rhymes :)~Thanks being a constant supporter and commneing my blog 🙂~Keep the Spark ALive..

  9. Dear Vinu, Good Morning!This should not have happened to Angel;even though it is abitter truth happening somewhere daily.The message to the readers is good!Let us join hands to give dreams and help the dreams to bloom!The best phase of life is childhood and let it be bright and beautiful!I am leaving tonight for Thrissur!I thought,I must tell you not knowing the reason!Happy blogging!Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful Sunday, Sasneham, Anu

  10. Very gripping narration..i could visualize the room scenario…..poignant story telling…quite an emotional appeal…keep up the good work buddy…

  11. hi TWEETY, yes.. it is a rising menace and we should do our best to curb it! :)glad u liked the story, hope ur insides are ok now?! thanks for stopping by darlin! 🙂

  12. i don't know if i've ever left you speechless before NABILA, and yeah, even i cannot imagine it, rather i have the hardest time putting such thoughts to paper! thanks for the salute.. and i missed u at BAT this time..take care! 🙂

  13. thank u for the wise words YVONNE, it is indeed a terrible thing with an everlasting effect on the young minds..!

  14. hi SAURABH, thank u for liking it, but of course, the happy ending is not true for most of the abused out there. we need to work to make sure that happy ending is got.thanks! 🙂

  15. yes.. it is real difficult to speak from that perspective, because no one can step into their shoes, can they? glad u liked it. best of luck to u too THE FOOL! 🙂

  16. NETHRA, yes indeed. Imprisonment is too less a punishment for such people.! thanks and glad u liked it! 🙂

  17. AYU, in my fiction, she got a new life and escaped from shadows, but is it true in real life? it'd be nice if it happened, but some are scarred forever! glad u liked it! 🙂

  18. RUMYA, thank u.. i wanted to end it that way! 🙂 glad u loved it and my topic for BAT! :DATB to u too! 🙂

  19. thank yu SUREINDRAN, glad u liked it and the message put across. its a disease in every country i think! 🙁 all the best to u..

  20. RACHANA, rhyme in my narration? 🙂 glad u liked it and the message! 🙂 thats not a tag line.. thats a blog name! :Dthanks to u for the same too! 🙂

  21. ANU,good afternoon. yes. it should not have happened to Angel or any other little angel, but it is the truth happening somewhere everyday. Time to end that disease, cut it off! 🙂

  22. SARO, the story ended with my words, but the reality continues! hope the lump goes soon.. All the best to you too! 🙂

  23. I always read your poems on Reader but never actually visited the blog. This made a smile struggle thru tears. Awesome .. am speechless. Best wishes for BAT10will come back for more . thanks for visitng my blog Leo.

  24. hi TIKULI, thank u very much for finally coming to my blog. glad u liked it and best wishes for you as well! 🙂

  25. Hey Leo .. Wonderful post man just wonderful. I try to write stories but not able to remember any more words to praise your work. Really Heart-heart-wrenching story, beautifully crafted.Keep it up.

  26. Very vivid description, Leo. Loved your narration. And I'm happy it ended on a positive note. I don't like sad endings. ;)Too good, man. It was worth reading.All the best!

  27. hi KARTHIK, thanks very much buddy. glad u enjoyed the read, and thanks for the lovely words of encouragement! 🙂

  28. After sooo many complements and comments am I left with anything to say..Anyways the post itself had left me speechless..In fact now I rembr why I read it and never commented before..Because this one is a real tear jerker..It ends on a positive note thats very reassuring..:) Though so many lives out there did get wasted, unheard and helpless..:(I loved Escape 2 too…Such varied writing..Real impressive!!! 😀

  29. Hi Leo;I am speechless, and my heart cried for her! I can't imagine how she has suffered from that devil of a teacher!At first I thought it was the father whose molesting her, sort of domestic violence! But thank God, he is not!You portrayed so well a typical example of child abuse! You could easily put one into the scenario!Good luck Leo…for BATOM…and may you continue sharing stories, but not more of this kind…it breaks my heart!Am I too late? I guess so, I am late, really! 😛

  30. Painful, heart wrenching, very powerful with an excellent message :)I love the sweet poetic touch your narration holds :)Excellent work Leo :)Best wishes for BAT

  31. hi VIBHUTI, it don't matter what u say.. even a "nice post" would have done! 😀 yeah, unfortunate reality is a tear jerker indeed..!glad u liked & all the best for BAT too..! 🙂

  32. hi AMITY, yes, a lot of cases are there when it is teachers who abuse the child and most of the time, it doesn't come to light either. i shall continue to write stories.. perhaps even of this kind coz it needs to be brought out more! all the best to u too for BATOM.

  33. hi CHATTERBOX, thanks for the lovely words of praise, and glad u felt the poetic touch in my words!all the best to u too for BATOM!

  34. A very relevant topic and a great narration…child abuse is generally by someone known. And yet, we are all taught to be wary of strangers as kids…never of the known people…Good luck with BAT!

  35. That was really good Leo. One of the best entries I have read. A very touching tale but child molestation happens for real. We hear about so many kids getting kidnapped every day. And kudos for suggesting "Escape" 🙂 It gave such a variety of posts.

  36. What you expect me to say?? No need for my comment.. see all the comments.. They said what I wanna say… YES I am joining you to work against this 🙂 🙂

  37. hi PSYCH BABBLER, yes.. we are taught that, & then, the wariness is needed of near n dear itself! sad picture that, ain't it?!

  38. hi EVANESCENT THOUGHTS, thanks a lot yaar. happens for real & something that should be stopped. yes, it really does get such variety! thank u! 🙂

  39. Hi MIYA, veere ellarum sonnangu, athu copy paste panreya? i wanted ur comment! 🙂 but ok, will do! 😀 glad u liked, thank u!

  40. vinay, I now regret having not read it all this while…it was a fantastic post dear..!!!am speechless…its wonderful take on the prompt and definitely a perfect take on an evil like child abuse..!!I join jen Keats to fight against Child Abuse…!!!thanks for sharing friend..!!Sorry that i read it late..!!!

  41. it was truly emotional…….could feel the pain while reading it…..i loved the courage about the girl who lived her life again….it was such a happy ending

  42. hi SHILPA, thanks a lot. may this disease end soon so the strength of li'l children can go to enjoying life than being afraid…

  43. this was such a sad story but very well-told. the narrative was intense and gripping, and it's a very important issue which you've brought out. it moved me… keep it up Leo!

  44. A gutsy story that was..a lot of spunk…to mirror reality n tell it in a story together becomes a difficult n arduous task…but u hve managed that quite well..All the best for B-A-T!

  45. to tell a story from another perspective is difficult at any time.. and more difficult when the other involved is a victim of abuse.. glad u liked that i've managed it quite well. thanks for the words PRAVIN, and wish u the best of luck in BAT as well…

  46. Whoa! you certainly have a way with words… very very nicely written, and an equally nice topic to choose… Love the way you narrate 🙂 Child abuse is definitely a menace, more so coz a child is soo vulnerable 🙁

  47. hi AKANSHA, yes u said it.. child doesn't know what is happening most of the time.. it is heinous to abuse the innocent…thanks & glad u liked it..

  48. Heart wrenching story…abtchild abuse one of the heinous crimes…and wat i liked abt this the most is the the last part…not only the pain but hw she fought it…I guess..tats wat is true optimism…

  49. Amazing narration.. U totally know the craft of gripping your reader until the end.I have read many posts regarding the issue of child abuse.. this is certainly one of the best.. It is not just an issue.. but a cause. We should all put in our efforts in our own way to make this world safer for our children..The best part was that you not only brought out the issue and the sufferings of little Jen but you also gave it an optimistic end.. a positive vibe, an inspiration for people to escape from the atrocities of past and move on to build a fresh future.. True or not.. very inspiring 🙂

  50. hi PJ, glad u liked it. yes it is one heinous crime, and not many angels do have that courage to go on afterwad. it is of course not hteir fault…

  51. hi WEST WIND, thanks very much. glad u found the tale gripping till the end. it is a cause yes, and we shd make our world safe for our young..not many have an optimistic end, but it should be needed…

  52. After receiving so many beautiful comments I think my comment won't have much of value….but still…I liked the flow of emotions in your story…It did not let me move off my eye from it till the end..All the best for BAT 10

  53. hi GEETA, ur comment won't be of value? says who? 🙂 any comment even if it was after a month also would have been very valuable! :)glad u liked my story and found it gripping.. i came 2nd of course in BAT 10…

  54. Hi!This is purely a genius’s work!I’m so glad that I know you!This post is painful, and very visual kind of writing. But Vinay, its your mistake that you made me read the “lost angel” as well and thus all my comments here about the ‘escape” is purely relative. The pain here, that you tried to portray, seems so much superficial after reading the other entry. But I’m a true fan or your writings! This is awesome!

  55. Hey, Leo Congrats on the Colours Mag pick 🙂 This was truly a case of simple narration with enriched style… loved the flow 🙂 I somehow missed reading it during BAT, but glad that I landed here finally 🙂 TC

  56. hi DEBO, am glad u landed here finally too. 🙂 do keep landing often on my blog. thank you for liking the story, its flow and style as well. m happy i got the Colors Mag pick too.. first male winner of the review! 😀

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