Celebrating Vinay’s 500th Post, with Honor!

“The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” Gandhi

Vinay, whom I fondly call Leo, because that is how he introduced himself to me when I met him online for the first time, asked if I would honor him in writing his 500th Post. He asked me to do it early, and being old and full of years, he is right, anything might happen so it’s better to do it while I am still living in the presence.

No, I have never met Leo personally, and even looking at his image, I could not tell you who he is or was. However, looking at the images of his writing as he interacts with us all, certainly shows me great possibilities as it relates to his future in interacting with the masses.

Leo has his followers and his critics. I remember someone dubbing him as “Sir Piss-A-Lot”. I am not sure if it was meant as an insult, but it made me smile. In my understanding, ones that “piss-a-lot” most certainly keep the body clean, which allow the mind to flow. So if it was meant as an insult, I dare say to this young man, take it as the highest of compliment.

Leo has been one of my most avid online supporters, and it is very appropriate that on the day I set pen to paper to write his 500th post, it marks his first year at Acrostic Only; March 19th 2010. Upon my word, Sir Leo, the honor of writing this post is mines indeed.

Leo has the raw ability of paying attention and listening. He is arrogant to a fault, but he does not allow this arrogance to interfere in his interaction with others. He uses it in a most profound manner; it enhances his abilities to absorb, or some may say assimilate others experiences; which he use to put old experiences in young writing. A simple way to say this is one has two ways of learning; by doing or by observation. Living as long as I have, believe me, you would be much happier if you learn from observation, save you a lot of pain and disappointments. In this respect, he is a mentor to many of the young ones who desire so much to be poets … even if not famous ones.

To me, he is both a friend, and a writing colleague. His writing is growing at a very good pace, and what he lacks in depth he will get from experiences, no matter where it comes from. I am so very proud of him.

To his followers, I will say this, especially to the young women … Leo tries hard, unlike most men in his country or mines; to understand both side of the gender spectra. At times he attempts to write from a female perspective, and that is not a bad thing. When a human being, looks past self and think of what other feels – well that is a person, in my opinion, that cares about others. Caring is the cornerstone to love. Without care, there can be no love. When one sees the possibilities and the evolution of a man-child, in this day and time, it should be embraced, and thus we are all become obligated to see that this young man lives out his greatness, which will help us all in bridging the gap between; mother and son, daughter and father — so that we all may live in peace and freedom.

To his critics I would say this, and that is, look to those that follow him; maybe you could learn a little about communication from him. He may be arrogant, but all great people are; look to your history. Have you ever read about a rich or great person who was not arrogant? One can not succeed in anything unless they believe that they can do it. In many cases, it takes a little arrogance to get ahead. Try and recognize his desire to understand and be understood and embrace it; after all is this not what we all desire.

To Leo, I say with all due respect to a beloved one; find your own place in history, build upon it from the past, but always keep the presence in mind, for it is all that you will have. The past is learning what didn’t work, the future is a place you put your hopes for overcoming the darkness of your past; but the present, which is all that exist, it’s where “we all” live — it is our playground, and I am happy you are not a bully.

I met you in the present of my life and you bring me such joy and hope from across the sea. One day I hope to see your words save many young girl-babies from death before they live. I also hope to see them inspire young men by teaching them that there is no higher greatness then to care about women as much as they do themselves. For without women, there would be no men, and vice-versa.

My beloved friend; I shall forever encourage you to be become the epitome of who and what “Sir Piss-A-Lot” represents to this old one, who is the queen of “pisses a lot”. To me, the honorable “Sir or Madam Piss-A-Lot” is a voice that will not be stifled. Therefore you are in very good company, as Gandhi, and many other great women and men around the world are and is; “Kings and Queens Piss-A-Lots!

Allow your voice to penetrate the negativity; and let your light shine in such a positive way that all “will” see the goodness of the heart of a Lion, roaring, not to destroy but to protect; not to enslave, but to set free!

Leo, you have indeed honored me. Thank you!


Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

22 thoughts on “Celebrating Vinay’s 500th Post, with Honor!”

  1. hi Amias, thank you very very much for this guest post on the special occasion of my 500th post. i did ask you for it early, but not coz u were old.. coz its better to avoid last minute cancellations! :)i do hope i interact with the masses in the future, but never as a politician! 🙂 yeah, it was AK47(Arun) who dubbed me that, and no it wasn't an insult.. he was trying to tease me over a chat…i've been at AO more than a year, and been its supporter, and probably will be for years to come too. sir leo is honored having a prolific writer such as yourself gracing my little space.i have read all that you've written about me to my friends, my critics and to myself and have taken it all in good heart! i hope my words make an impact in some life too..thank you, sincerely..Leo.

  2. Congrats Leo! You deserve all the accolades…sorry for missing so many of your posts..Lots going on.Will post soon on my blog the reason for my disappearance…Here is to another 500! May this blog continue to go places:)Mithe

  3. Hi Amias;Such an encouraging and heartfelt guest post for an almost well-seasoned poet! I say well-seasoned, though young as he is now, but his writings are proof that he has so much to share to all writers across the globe and not just in his homeland India! He writes so deeply, I am just too amazed where have all those ideas come from. His Reality Checks are proof of a very matured person and his poems are manifestations that he's a gifted man. His non-poetic writings show his personality one could only admire…:)I am happy to have met you through him. It was an acrostic work that paved the way for us to meet and be an active part of AO from then on!With honor and respect, I salute you for this inspiring guest post you've made for Leo!Love you Big Sis!Amity*****************************To Leo;Congratulations on your 500th post! Quite an achievement for you! I have not seen any other blogger achieve such a milestone! You are indeed a very prolific writer! You are setting an example for others to emulate!I tip my hats off to you Leo! May you continue to shine and encourage others to write. Your mission here on earth I believe is to use your gift to inspire others to share their talents, too!I have so much to say, but….am I allowed to do a kilometric post. I don't want to overshadow anyone…lols… :))Keep up the good work!Ang iyong mahal na kaibigan,Amity

  4. @Amiasnice post di…i was actually first reading the post without seeing who the guest actually is…and the way you wrote…I thought that it must be you..and there you are…with you perfect pen..!!!Di..we love you not just for the way you encourage the young writers but also, for the love you shower upon them…I am obliged to be one among the many..!!!Di….you are special…please come back soon with a sound health to this world of poetry…all the poets are missing you dear..!!Love you di…Take care..!!**********************************@LeoCongratulations leo for 500th post…I am so very happy to see your 500th post and that too written by our special sis…!!Leo you are a different poet..you dont just write well but you encourage alot too..!!!You are my best critic…you help me be better everytime I write..you understand my pattern of writing.!!More than anythin else… you are my sweetest friends…I dont know what we actually chat about but we chat for hours and thats makes that time special…you are a special friend vinay..!!Keep writing and keep reading too..!!! you have miles to go and dont worry we are all with you..!!!Congratulations once again dear…!!Be the best whatever you do..!!!Love & best wishes..!!!

  5. Congrats Leo on ur awesome 500 posts 🙂 Hats Off to u bro 😀 Keep writing… Confession – It was me who called him "Sir. Pisses-a-lot" 😀 not meant as an insult !!!!! Was just teasing him about his repeated breaks between chats 😛 :PA hearty dedication Amias 🙂 kudos to u too 🙂

  6. Amias 🙂 What a brilliant post about Leo. Leo is lucky cuz he is having your words inscribed in his books 🙂 🙂 I came to know a lot through your post about him and I know how much he respects women folks 🙂 Leo 🙂 U are simply great. I just wanna give you a standing ovation 🙂 🙂 Love you and your words……. Keep them flowing 🙂 🙂

  7. @all,I'm glad to have such a nice following! 🙂 thanks so much for all the wonderful words you've shared of my little works! 🙂

  8. I am truly speechless…Amias described Leo perfectly and i have no words left to be said.There could not have been a better person to celebrate …Amias you always aww me and u did this time too as usual :)Leo congrats a lot for ur 500 🙂 you are one of the best writer i have seen till date and i m glad i have such a frnd 🙂 i have always learned from you and wish become the greatest of writer one day as ur surely the greatest of persons 🙂

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