April 22nd – Seven Shades

Twenty two years have gone by since I arrived on this earth. Yeah, I’ve no issues in telling my age. You know, leaving the first three or four years, I’ve a lot of memories to recollect and savor. And seeing all of these, I’ve realized that one way or another; I’ve experienced many colors of life. Each color has its own meaning, and yeah I can relate to each of them in some way.

I’ve always been a nature lover. Nature brings out the best in a poet I feel. I still do think I’ve a long way to go before I can call myself a professional, and I do think after that statement, I might be given some scolding by a few of my readers. I’ve heard that the green energy has harmony, and as a poet I’ve been quite harmonious with nature and life. My themes have at times been repetitive but that’s something I can’t control easily. Green energy has health, I’ve been lucky enough not to have a major illness, and escaped with not-so-serious injuries from nearly half a dozen accidents, klutz that I am. It also stands for growth, expansion & abundance, and needless to say I’ve grown both physically and mentally, become stronger in mind, and expanded my horizons to adjust to whatever paths life has got me to. I’ve got and given love in abundance, and that to me is the best treasure I could ever find.

Boys usually prefer blue to other colors, and after green, I’ve found blue very calming as a color in my life. Blue enhances the perception to the unknown, I’ve read, and I’ve, as a poet and writer, looked to imagine the unknown, travel where I’ve not been and word what I’ve felt holding my heart captive. It has taught me to be calm under pressure, never panic in any stage and if I’ve ever lost hope, get it back eventually. The calming hue of the sky so blue, makes me feel life is so true. I’ve also felt the blues at more than one stage in my life and though it’s not the best color to feel in one’s life, my friends have always been at my side to get me through them.

Whoever said yellow stands for cowardice only must have been out of his/her mind. Yellow is the color of the sun, which gives one the energy to go on, survive through a long day at work or a boring day of classes in college. I’ve often failed in my own expectations and others expectations of me, and gone into a deep state of misery from where I’ve gone to thoughts of uncertainty, and at times a desire to end this life and stop giving others misery. Yet, each time these cowardly thoughts enter my mind, the yellow also immediately sends me some or the other angel who speaks to me, clears my thoughts and gives me that all important inspiration and hope to live. Sometimes I feel even ending a life (mine, not anyone else’s) need more courage than cowardice. Oh well, I guess that’s the game yellow plays in my life. I’ve started to keep faith in yellow, for energy is much needed for survival.

As a writer, everything I write has that energy of yellow within it, yet also the passion of red too. Without passion, I cannot do anything. For even living, I need passion and enthusiasm too. Red of my life’s rainbow I feel gives me that enthusiasm to go on and be whoever I want to be. If I have that enthusiasm to go conquer the world, then the world must and will bend to my rules, not I to its rules. Well, I’ve of course a formidable enemy in my temper, and the seething reds I have seen in my eyes have got hot tears many a time. I’m better left alone when I’m upset after seeing red, for my senses come back in quick time & I’m back to normal soon. Being a part time teacher, I’ve also had to give the occasional red marks, which feels oddly unsettling because I’ve had to go through lot of red marks in my time as a student too. I hope I see less of the negative red and more of the positive, but life is balanced only with a mixture of both.

I’ve been doing a colorful research for this post, and the color I’ve been most enticed by has been orange. Ever since I got to know it is the color that lends the most creativity, I’ve been thinking of painting my room orange. Then perhaps I’ll be able to write 10 posts a day. I don’t know if it’s feasible because posting thrice a day itself gets my words as little exposure as they can these days. But the idea of an orange bedroom has already been shot down by the house administrator, my mom. Orange also gives out an aura of playfulness it seems, so she said me being more playful than I am right now would be disastrous. I disagree with her of course, but I never argue with her that much. The lady is (almost) always right! Oh well, more possibilities to explore and with enthusiasm, the more I look forward to! All this research has made life more colorful too!

Well, I’ve never really got the difference between indigo and violet that much before I took up this seven colors research for the post. I’ve come to realize without the indigo aura around me, I could never take in the blue that calms me in my frustrated states. The energy is lightning fast; hence I’ve never felt any indigo in my life. Indigo gives wisdom, and through my life I’ve been taking the lessons life has taught me, keeps teaching me & will definitely continue to teach me. I do believe it is the energy that gets all these reality checks out of my mind these days. I’m not complaining; it keeps me active…! Intuition is also given by indigo, and I’ve known to know some things beforehand. It might sound funny, but every time a result is around the corner, my intuition comes in form of the shooting pain through my head. Migraines when combined with a bad result make my life filled with lots of blues, reads and greens and I mean the negative ones. Guess it’s just a part of life!

Violet is associated with sorrow. Oh boy, have I had more than my fair share of that! I’ve been down in the dumps more often than not and I might have the occasional sorrow side to come in the future too! Thankfully, I’ve my sister who knows how to get me back to being me again. Violet apparently gives a sense of idealism, though I’ve never lived under a fast rule as yet. The best part of violet I found in my life was my imagination. I’m not a thinker; I’m more of the on-the-spot writer. For that, imagination is much needed, and the imagination I possess sparks off my inspiration too. Without this lovely duet, my life would be incomplete. I’d hate myself if I ever found myself uttering the words “I Quit” and walking out forever on this lovely space and irreplaceable part of my life again. I guess violet heals too, because twice after I’ve uttered those two words before, I’ve had my wounds bathed and returned to this alternate aura of mine.

I’ve a lot of colors in my life, all seven colors of the rainbow and various shades of each color too. There is a lot of optimism that oozes out of me, and the occasional pessimism that ties me down too. I’m happy with who I am, what colors I’ve felt and might feel in my life too. Without these colors, my life would be black and white. And that’d be so dull; I just might get tempted to end the film then and there.

Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. You remind me of the 7 chakras in yoga. Great descriptions, I love green~ Though I do appreciate all the colors of the spectrum.

  2. hmmmmm..one of the best "epic" post I hve ever read :D…The wonderful way of relating colours with your personality traits is really really good …But i was just wondering why pink doesnt come in rainbow 🙁 coz thats my fav colour ..;)But honestly , as my eyesballs went left and right I realized so many of them would have associated themselves with these colours ..and a good chance to take a sneak peak of your inner world 😀

  3. The seven shades of rainbow in my life sounds similar in some ways to your shades in life!But basically, I love blue most then green then violet/indigo…:)I once wrote about colors of my life, but brought it back to drafts! I think so! Or maybe it's there!

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