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*Trumpets sound*

All the citizens turn and head for the palace grounds where the crier of the kingdom stands, holding a very royal looking parchment in one hand, a microphone in the other and about to announce something.

“All citizens of the kingdom hear me; his majesty, ruler of this kingdom has a very big announcement to make. He shall make his royal announcement tonight, directly to all of you. You are all requested to assemble here, as you do once a month and he shall address you all.”

It is all anxiety in the Blog-a-Ton kingdom now. The king, Marshal Grover has something big to announce. A buzz befalls and each are discussing as to what this big announcement shall be. It is almost certain to be related to the monthly contests that are held. The newer group is more unsettled, this being their first contest. They want to know soon, so they can begin making plans to impress the kingdom with their talent. They know the depth of the people already present, and know it shall not be easy.

The moment of truth arrived. All were gathered at the grounds. Trumpets sounded again, and the very distinguished looking Marshal Grover arrived. All were wondering what he’d say. He cleared his throat, and spoke into the microphone.

“Citizens of the Blog-A-Ton kingdom, my humble greetings…! As you know, we are nearing yet another monthly contest. This time, we shall be doing something very different! Our kingdom has a very versatile collection of the best writers ever to grace Blogville as a whole. We have writers like Rashi the PsychedChick, Shilpa Garg, Tavish and Karthik who are known well, like Leo the Amateur Poet and Shruti the Queen of Fifty Five Fictions, and others so many. We have seen the best of their efforts in previous months, but this April, let us see the funnier side of them. Our kingdom needs a champion fool, and this month, we write to find who can give us that champion fool. We had a vote, and it was unanimously decided to hold this contest! All the best.”

“Your majesty, what about a sports team instead? Its Indian Premier League season, and we could form an International Blog-A-Ton League instead. Can’t we have Cricket as our topic?” enquired another citizen, Nethra. It was a really good suggestion. But there was already a buzz after the announcement of the fool selection, so she was outvoted. “It is a good idea, Nethra, but this kingdom needs to laugh out loud in this Fool’s Month, so let us see who gives us a champion fool”, said Marshal. She was disappointed that her idea did not have any takers, but she agreed. The king gave the rules most were familiar with, and each headed off to find their muse and search for the champion fool.


It was Dhiman who came forward first with a story. The citizens began reading. It was very deep, the story flowed. It was all about how a father sees a note from his son, and jumps to conclusions without asking him. The father was really foolish to have not consulted his son, but was also wise to have taken steps a father ought to take. It was really good. It had a moral and everything. It was an indication as to how difficult the contest was going to be.

Others began arriving with their works, and each attempt was making the final choice more difficult for the citizens. As Shilpa arrived with her work, the lights went off. “Which fool in Blogger turned off the lights now?” she said out loud. Not wanting to waste precious time, she tried submitting her work, to her dismay, the error messages went on coming. From another part of the kingdom, Richa had the same problem. When finally the lights came on, each saw that their work was given in more than once. They hailed the king to remove the extra additions, and continued on their way.

The previous two victors arrived. Rashi came and gave in hers. It was poetic. It told how we all had a bit of fool in us, and yet it was ok to have it. She proclaimed herself to be just another fool, and yeah, many would agree with her. There was definitely a bit of fool in all of us! Tavish came in too, which was a pleasant surprise. He was contemplating a miss, he had told during the announcement time. Yet he got a brilliant piece. Narrating in poetry with great flow, he told us we were fools too for voting the leaders in. Tavish the politician, the poet… It was like he was headed for consecutive wins.

Shruti, the queen of 55fs came, and surprised many by writing a serious poetic style work instead of a fictional story. It told how foolish some are to let go of friendship and other beautiful relations in our life. It was not understood by some but it was really good. The entries kept pouring in…


While all these entries were coming in, the amateur poet Leo was silently reading them, waiting to give his foolish write. He wasn’t getting inspired at all, and kept wondering what to do. Even his good friend Anami was asking him to write soon. He was in a dilemma. Then it hit him. He smiled and started penning his idea down. Would it work, or was he a fool to try it? He was known in the kingdom. They might fall for it, but it was something he had to attempt to know what would happen. He continued looking at other submitted entries and wrote down.

He just had to give it the ultimate finishing touch. He snuck to the crier’s microphone and switched it on. “Citizens, we’ve come to the end of another brilliant contest. However, seeing so many great attempts on fool, the king has decided to not have a winner and declare all entrants as equal fools. Thank you.” They heard him, and began whispering among themselves. “Well, we found the perfect fools. Us.” “We wrote so much and he declares us equal fools.” “It’s so unfair.” “I wanted this so badly. Imagine me a BAT winner.” “Sigh, hope he makes a topic where we can vote our winner next month.” They all started walking away. The sound over the speakers stopped them.

“Oye you all, come back. I was just kidding. Results next Friday… APRIL FOOL”, shouted Leo and fell over, laughing out loud on the dais. The citizens started laughing and running onto the dais, started pummeling Leo. The hunt continued for the fool, but the joke from the amateur poet would live on in the minds always.

A week later, the King called an assembly again. He declared, “After all this hunting, we’ve found that person. The biggest fool in the kingdom was shown to us by….” Well, that’s another story isn’t it? Ciao folks… happy fool-o-sophy!

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Poetry & writing are to me, a breath of fresh air in a life that is sometimes covered by the smoke of sorrow or self doubt. They also become the sweets I share to celebrate when life offers me a reason to. But most of all, they are to me, my life. For each word I write is a piece of my heart, a thought that just had to find its way into the world.

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  1. Hello! I couldn't read your last time's entry due to some technical hitch. I was unable to open the page. Whenever I clicked on the entry, I got an error! So thought why not compensate this time by reading and commenting first 😉 Well maybe there are many to be moderated, nevertheless here is what I've gotta say: I liked the way it has been presented! I'm sure you have managed to put a smile on all the fellow bloggers whose names have been mentioned in the post! 😀 😀 Nice attempt and an interesting take on the topic! :)ATB with BATOM

  2. I like your foolish story… 🙂 :PShall I vote for you or everyone at Blog-A-Ton are foolish winners…:)Yayyy….it was fun…yeah… 🙂 got the hang of it!My side will come to you!:)Oh fool…there's no votation going on at all, is it? Because I am not a member…yayyyyy!!!

  3. @Raksha,thanks! 🙂 its ok.. sometimes, that error comes i think.. glad u could this time out..! :)yeah, i hope so! 🙂 even the king hadnt come to my post last time.. 🙂

  4. Yeeeheeehee..This piece was truly funny..What a take on this month's topic…US fools all together! I LIKE..LOL…You know for a moment I was wondering whether Shilpa, Richa & Vipul were pulling our legs with these comments repeating and disappearing but thankfully no…It is a blogger error…I'm seeing all the links only now!:D

  5. Okay, I have indeed been gone from BAT for a long time… It shows! Sigh!A good ole' 'foolish' post! Kudos!Lemme see if I can make it your next Fools' story! :))

  6. WHAT A POST LEO! While all of us were breaking our heads over writing something, u were silently observing the drama unfolding… that was really really smart… and ya my mention here did have a HUGE smile on my face… thank u! LOVED IT… absolutely loved it!Cheers!Tavish

  7. Fooled me again! Funny take on Fools like us.One thing is for sure now: Google will also be fooled! Yes they might end up ranking very high these 35 blogs for the keyword "Fool", "Foolish blogger" etc.Liked the way you curve out a beautiful story from no-where.Keep the spark alive..Cheers LifeJD

  8. Ha Ha ha!! That's a good imaginative story on this 'Fool'ish topic.Liked it.PS: There are some issues in opening your blog page. Last time (BAT-8), my system would just hang whenever I tried clicking on your post link and now this time, I can move up or down the page only with Page Up/Page Down key. :(All the best for BAT-9! 🙂

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